Amazing Display Technology Allows User To FEEL Virtual Textures – Coming Soon To Smartphones And Tablets

Hi friends do not get confused with the post title,it is the new display technology that allow users to feel virtual texture and will be available soon to smartphones and tablet pc.

So first of all let’s see what is virtual texture..? it refers to a texture allocation technique facilitating the use of a single extremely large texture rather than repeating multiple smaller textures.

Who introduce This technology: A company called Senseg has introduced this technology,according to their research,they have manufactured a new type of touchscreen that will actually allow you to feel a variety of virtual surfaces on your fingertip. This is a whole lot different from haptic feedback which uses moving parts to vibrate a device — this actually changes surface friction under your finger to correspond with the texture being displayed on-screen. Damn near revolutionary

immediately I’m thinking of all the ways this could be implemented anywhere from braille for the blind, gaming,

You’re looking at true innovation at its finest. The technology could start hitting smart phone and tablets as early as next year and seriously, we all know which OS dominates that market.Seriously, Google. I’ll make this simple for you.

see the video below for brief description.


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