How To add Facebook Chat To Firefox Sidebar

How To add Facebook Chat To Firefox Sidebar

Facebook chat have cool features like Facebook color message with lot of Chat symbols and smileys.Now one wants to leave the beautiful windows Facebook Chat windows but  Some times while chatting on Facebook we have to skip out that page and work parallel to other website or want to browsing also  So we need such interface in which we can do both things parallel But how…?

It is very easy and  in today’s article of how to add Facebook Chat To Firefox Sidebar i will explain it,you need only Firefox.

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How To add Facebook Chat To Firefox Sidebar:

The following steps will help to add Facebook chat to Firefox sidebar.

Step 1: Click the Bookmark at the top navigation bar and select organized Bookmark,if you did not find this then simple press ctrl+Shift+b. In latest versions of Firefox by pressing the keys ctrl+Shift+b a new window by the name of Library will open.

Step 2: Click the Bookmark Toolbar option at the left and then click organized, a drop down will show the option New Bookmark,just click it .

Step 3:

Name: Facebook Chat

Location :

check load this bookmark in sidebar and click add.

Step 4 :   click view > sidebar > Bookmark, a new sidebar windows will open,just click the Facebook chat and have chat with your online friends.

in this way you will enjoy the Facebook chat as well as web surfing.

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