Most Wanted Google Chrome Tips and Shortcuts

Most Wanted Google Chrome Tips and Shortcuts

Hi I have come with most wanted Google chrome tips and shortcuts today,these will surely make your search friendly and move you across the chrome more effectively.

You can bookmark any website with one click,can open any webpage without leaving any history and much more. so you can also feel  free to work online on your famous websites.
So why these keyboard shortcuts are important or why we are in the need of the shortcut of our famous search engine Google chrome.

Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts
The question is quite simple, as we  know that while using Google chrome, sometimes we have to access the website area more quickly. So that’s why keyboard shortcuts are important.

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Most Wanted Google Chrome Tips and Shortcuts:

Here is the detail of all most wanted Google Chrome Tips and Shortcuts

  1. Open an incognito Window: By pressing ctrl+Shift+N , will open an incognito window ,the site that will appear in this windows will not appear in the history and cookies.This short key is used especially when you do not  want to know some one about the pages or site that you visited.
  2. Open a Link in incognito Window: while roaming through the webpage ,if you want to open a link in incognito windows,then right click on the link and click to open the link in incognito window.
  3. Want to Know about Most Visited Sites:  Do you want to know that which websites have been visited mostly then it is very easy just press Alt+Home keys from the keyboard and your most visited websites will be shown with thumbnails in the active window.
  4. Show your Recently Closed Tabs:  by pressing Ctr+Shift+T will open your most recently closed tabs. Google Chrome remember the last 10 closed tabs only.
  5. Bookmark a website quickly: Do you want to bookmark your favorite website or webpage quickly,then you are at right place just click the star on the  right side of the address bar and you have bookmarked.
  6.   History Page:  by pressing Ctrl+H  you will get up the history of your recently visited websites or pages quickly.
  7. know about Plugins installed: want to know about the plugins installed in your Google chrome just type about:plugins and you will see the list of installed plugins.
  8. Display Home Button:  Google Chrome does not have home button at its search bar,but don not worry you can easily add it,just follow: Click on the wrench icon at the right top corner > get to the “Customize” option for Chrome browser -> Preferences (or Options) -> Select the check-box for “Show home button in toolbar”  you have done.
  9. Use Chrome as Omnibox: Google chrome has a special feature which leads ones to the easy conversions and calculations without leaving the windows.You can also use address bar like search bar,just type the word and get the results from Google. In order to perform calculations type your required question and get the answers,e.g type 200+70  and press enter it will give  answer with lot of other options and can perform conversion ,e.g 20m in cm and so many other like this.
  10. Google Chrome Browser Shortcuts: besides the above stated there are also some keyboard to make navigation easy.
  • Ctrl+J – Go to downloads window
  • Ctrl+K – To search quickly in the address bar
  • Ctrl+L – Highlights the URL in the address bar (use this to copy/paste the URL quickly)
  • Ctrl+N – Open a new Chrome browser window
  • Ctrl+W – Close the current Tab
  • Ctrl+Tab – Navigate Tabs
  • Alt+F – Open the wrench menu (i.e chrome settings menu)
  • Alt+Home – Go to home page
  • Alt+Left Arrow – Go to the previous page from your history
  • Alt+Right Arrow – Go to the next page from your history
  • Space bar – Scroll down the current web page


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