How to secure Gmail Account using Google 2 step verification

Everyone wants to secure Gmail account, for this normally strong Passwords, enhanced security questions and even SMS and email alert are used for change in Gmail Password. But along with all these even there are chances to hack or some kind of unethical access to your Gmail account. So in that case what should do …..? But need not to worry because now it is very easy to secure Gmail Account using Google 2 step verification.The 2 step verification is also used by most of the famous social media like Facebook.

What is Google 2 Step Verification:

Before proceeding to how to use Google 2 step verification Let’s see what is this kind of Authentication..?

In Google 2 step verification, Asso associateships personal mobile number to secure Gmail account. He only limited his account activities like email,adsense or even each kind of activities to his personal Computer or laptop. So whenever some one or even himself want to access his account from other than his personal computer a special code (or even call) will be sent to his mobile phone and after using this code,h e will be able to proceed his account activities.

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How to setup Google 2 Step Verification:

The following step by step instructions will guide you to setup Google 2 step verification to secure Gmail account.

1   Go to Google 2 step verification page and log in using the account you want to secure.

Google 2 step verification startup
2  Select the mobile phone number to receive SMS code or voice call,uusuallyGoogle use your previously used mobile number but you can set a new number also.

Google 2 step verification 1

3   A 6 digit numeric code will be sent to your mobile number for verification,j just enter the number and click verify.

Google 2 step verification 2

4  Check Trust this computer option to ensure the computer is in personal can change this option later on whenever you want.
Google 2 step authentication
5  In final step you have to turn on the Google  2 step verification method.So In order to access from other computer you will be asked every time to enter the code sent to your mobile device.

Google two step verification
How to Secure Gmail Account using Smartphones and Tabs:

in order to access Gmail account from mobile devices or smartphones, special applications are available that can help to verify the security code.

  • You can also use another mobile number to get the verification codes and use them to secure Gmail Account.
  • There is also an option to generate the backup codes to verify your existing Gmail account.just generate the backups codes,m ake a print or save them to some place to use them later.


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