How to Unhide all Hidden Files and Folders in USB Flash Drive

How to unhide all hidden files and folders in usb flash drive is the main and common problem of computer users.

We may have such usb flash drive,pen drive ,memory card, flash memory or any other portable memory drive that is infected by any virus or malware. So in that case the usb drive will show some data in memory but will not display all files or may hide some of the files. This is very embarrassing situation, because we may have important data but the malware have hidden all files and folders.

There are some methods to show these files or folders:

  • To check the view option in folders to show hidden files.
  • To use ” win rar ” software to show the hidden files and folders.
  • To search by using ” * ”  option in the search bar of the respected usb (mainly work in windows 7 or later)

how to unhide files and folders in usb flash drive using dos

But I have compiled such method to show hidden files and folders that is DOS based, and will permanently show a;; files and folders in few lines of commands.

How to Unhide  all Hidden Files and Folders in USB Flash Drive using DOS:

So how to use a flash drive  to unhide files and folders in your malware or virus infected usb drive.

Step 1:

Plug in the usb in the computer or laptop and wait to prompt it on the screen.

Step 2:

Open DOS (command Prompt) by using cmd command in the run of your computer ( Start>Run>cmd and enter)

Step 3:

Type” cd\ ” and press enter to change in to root directory (usually C drive)

Step 4:

Type the required usb letter (i have h for usb drive so i will type I: ) and press enter. the drive will turn into I:>

Step 5:

Type the command  attrib *. -h -s /s /d  and press enter. Wait for some seconds to prompt the drive again.

It is done , now type exit in the command prompt window (or simply close it).

Unplug the usb and plug it again, now you will see all hidden files or folders.

unhide all files and folders in usb flash drive

You can repeat the above steps whenever you feel that you have some files hidden due to some virus.

Hope so you have got some thing informative and will be able to unhide all hidden files and folders in usb flash memory drive, do comments and give your feed back.

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