How to Create a Filter in Gmail Account


Create a Filter in Gmail account is a great tool offered for gmail account holders. Millions of people are using gmail account for email,social media and much more, but few of them may have knowledge to use gmail filter for incoming emails. This feature will not only sort emails as you desire but can also block emails from specific senders,with some specific words,titles,help to gmail account recovery and even manage to automatically forward the emails to the address specified by you ….in short it will make your life easy to handle Gmail account for incoming emails.
create a filter in gmail account
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How to Create a Filter In Gmail Account:

It is very easy to create a  gmail filter,just follow the steps:
1-Sign in to Gmail > Click on the Gear icon (at the right top corner) > Click Settings
2-Click the Filter Tab and then click Create a New Filter
create a gmail filter
3-There are number of options to filter, you can filter by

  • email address (even multiple addresses),
  • To (the most sending person emails)
  • Subject (with some special subject like “me”,”info” and any other)
  • Has the Words ( with some special words like “forward””billing” or any other according to your need)
  • Doesn’t have ( with some words that are not found in the incoming emails)
  • Has attachment (like some file, image video)

create a filter in gmail
4-choose the one that you wan and click Continue
5-Next you have multiple check box for the filter you are creating, you can choose
create a gmail account filter

  • to skip the inbox( it will be in the inbox with no change)
  • Mark as Read (incoming email will always be marked as read and you need not to open it)
  • Star it (if you want to make is some special then choose that option, so next time it will always marked as star to identify easily)
  • Apply the Label (There are number of Folders where you can move your emails easily, but by selecting the desired folder through gmail filter, you need not to move email every time to specific folder,but the gmail account filter will do this automatically for you)
  • Forward it ( you can add email to forward emails automatically, so that whenever there is incoming email you want to filter then it will automatically forward to the desire gmail account next time)
  • Similarly you can use the options of Delete,Never send it to spam and others.

Hope so you will find something new and informative by creating gmail filter for incoming emails. do comments with your feed back.

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