Free online Duplicate Content Checker Tools for Webmasters

Duplicate content can seriously harm the rankings of your website. Especially if you have multi author web blog or accepting guest posts. So in order to avoid copied content, I have summed up a detail of the best Free Duplicate Content Checker tools or FREEĀ plagiarism checker tools that can easily detect the pirated content.

Free online Duplicate Content Checker Tools

Why We Should use Duplicate Content Checker Tools:

There are many reason to use duplicate content checker tools, Let’s say we have published a seo friendly blog post by considering all the rankings parameters. But some one copy our content so google will also consider that one and our web rankings may effect.

Also if published a guest post whose content is copied from else where, then Google Plagiarism checker tool will soon detect this copied content and it will decrease our web rankings, as well as ranking of targeted keywords and alternatively the credit will be awarded to the parent website.

From the above it can be seen that it is not easy to cheat Google and other search engines to rank articles by using duplicate content.

So we should use free online plagiarism checker tools to detect copied content.

Being a blogger I’m also using distinct online tools to find replicate content while accepting guest posts.

The question is ” how to check Plagiarism or content similarity”, so follow:

6 Free online Duplicate Content Checker Tools for Webmasters

1- Copyscape:

Certainly one of my favorite, most dependable and true software is copyscape. The application will hunt each of pdf documents, online sites and forums etc and come across the destinations with inbound links to show duplicate content.

Although this online tool is not totally free and it cost some cents to check duplicate content, but still it is worthwhile. In the event you manage higher amount of articles afterward it’s possible to acquire superior API to incorporate the application on your CMS and hunt all of the articles in your running a blog stage.2.

2 – Plagiarisma:

This application includes selection which enables one to find duplicate information matter. You may hunt the total text, either or even URL of the guide or you may add text Document or other data files. More subsequently a hundred ninety languages have been encouraged with the application and also the truth of the outcome will be convinced to use this online plagiarism checker tool.

3 – Duplichecker:

The other completely free duplicate content checker tool at which it’s possible to check always unpublished content articles for complimentary is duplichecker. You may either glue the guide or add the . Txt document to enable the instrument hunt this guide and figure out when it’s replicated or a more particular one.

4 – Plagiarism Checker for College Students:

This another free plagiarism detector tool especially for the college students and teachers.

Just copy paste the content and it will show results in percentage, that may help students to develope quality and original content.

You may enter best a thousand words from the box to hunt for virtually any copy articles problems. Now the application gives you the ability to assess in English and Spanish terminology.

Unregistered people may make use of the application for maximum five instances in per month and also enrolled users may utilize it to get boundless moments. This really is the ideal software for each students and bloggers.

5- SiteLiner:

For checking complete website for duplicate content, SiteLiner is the best online content similarity checker tool.

Just Copy paste the url of your website and it will scan whole web for duplicate content,page load time, the number of words per page, internal and external links, and much more. Once report is complete, you can download it in PDF format.

Although it is limited to one report per month, but still one can signup for their paid package to scan for duplicate content as much as one can.

6 – Plagspotter:

Plagspotter is quick online plagiarism checker tool. It will check the complete website for duplicate content in minutes. Moreover it has also option to compare the duplicate content with the copyright content, so that you can check the percentage of duplicate words.

Other Online free Plagiarism Checker Tools:

There are a lot of online website to check plagiarism, although most of them described above, still some are listed below.

Note: To learn more, just search to check detail of each online plagiarism tool.

  • Virante
  • Copyright Spot
  • Percent Dupe
  • Copy Gator
  • Article Checker
  • Plagiarism Detect
  • Similar Page Checker
  • Duplicate Content
  • Plagium
  • Dupe Cop
  • Dupe Free Pro

From the above collection of free online tools , one can easily check the content similarity to avoid copyright issue.

Have you used any other online duplicate content checker tool, then do share.


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  2. Vandana says:

    Nice Article sir

  3. Handy says:

    Can you give link for all tools ?

  4. Yasir Khan says:

    Plagiarisma & SiteLiner are the best tool for duplicate content checking !

    Thanks for sharing Rafaqat and please write blog on SEO 2017 new updates & tricks.

  5. Kenneth khayyam says:

    this is great, but how this work did the vistor run them like firefox extension
    and honestly Rafaqat Sahab , when i start i just did the copy paste and i get no visitor but know i am getting some because i am actually post nothing may be due to my eye vision problem but what i am posting is my own .

    • Rafaqat says:

      Thx dear for your interest. There is no comparison of unique and self created content. Google will consider the duplicate content as spam activity and may penalized the site by stopping organic traffic.
      So it is good idea to WRITE LESS BUT OF QUALITY instead of publishing garbage.

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