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6 Best Google Play Store Alternatives to Run Android Apps and Games

Google Play store is no doubt is the prime objective of every Android user to download android apps and Games. The reason behind this popular Android app store is due to its SECURE and Variety of Android software covering nearly every topic. Somehow, when we don’t find an app for which we are looking for, due to: Limited to download for some specific country and is banned in your country or region. Your device may not access or compatible with this on Google Play Store. […]

Top Google Play Store Tips and Tricks

Being a smartphone user, we often visit Google Play Store to update new applications or to download new ones. The use is so simple, but somehow or other we may feel that some apps while downloading should not display as shortcut on the home screen, or want to restrict the automatic update of installed apps, and many more….there are few settings and configuration that may help to better manage download, purchases, and even our devices. Top Google Play Store Tips […]

Google search “Find My Phone” to locate your missing android Phone

Google has improved its search ability to track or locate any android phone named by “Find My Phone” in its search bar. Android Device Manager is the improved source to use service of find my phone more effectively. Somehow or what you have lost or could not locate your phone, then before doing any legal action, you may consult Google about it…yes it is because now you can simply track your lost android phone with their free search function named […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Features and Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest smartphone brand of the Korean company.When talking about its specification then its large 5 inch display with full HD vision will lead all other mobile phones of the era. Although Samsung Galaxy S3 has all the features but still the latest smartphone have captured the users and let them to take it in their palm soon. In today’s article we will see whether this smartphone can stable its existence among the other world’s leading […]

Top NFC Enabled Smartphones

When talking about the top  nfc enabled smartphones then the name of some famous brands flash in our mind,but there are some ranges of smartphones that may be not  in that list.So i have come up with such famous nfc enabled smartphones that have created a lot of ease and entertainment in our life. Also when taking in account of our favorite smartphones we consider or expect some of the  features like display,connectivity,OS,longest battery life,camera and other things too,so keeping […]

Best Social Mobile in Android for the year 2012

Best Social Mobile in Android for the year 2012 is the topic of today.Social media has now become an integrated part of your life. You cannot imagine your day without the updates in our social networks. This is true as your day starts with updating your social page and ends with it. This is the story of almost all. We are currently addicted to this. Social network has literally cut down the global barriers and has made communication possible and […]

Top 5 Android Apps for Foodies

Top 5 Android Apps for Foodies is the topic of today,as we know that android market is being blessed with new and trending apps day by day.We have something new and informative best android apps that may ease our life,so let’s see how the topic of  today will help us in this manner. Suppose your girlfriend just told you she wants to eat at a Thai restaurant tonight and you haven’t a clue where to go. You’re standing in the […]