The Benefits of Unlocking your iPhone

benefits of unlocking your iphone

We are currently living in an era wherein modernization is being cultivated. Our lifestyle primarily revolves on technology. Gone are the days wherein communication is a barrier. Reaching our loved ones is just a click away and is hassle-free. With the advent of technology, there are so many gadgets created that cater one’s personal style. … Read moreThe Benefits of Unlocking your iPhone

Apple announces the iPad Mini

iPad Mini

After the successful launch of iPad 3, Apple announces its latest version  iPad Mini. It is the smaller version of iPad with full sized tablet.It is rumored that the new iPad Mini will prove to be smarter then 4th generation iPad due to its specification and features. Tim Cook (CEO, Apple) took the stage to start bragging … Read moreApple announces the iPad Mini

Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy s3

The Samsung Galaxy S III has been around the Globe since May 2012 and iPhone 5 is also in hands now,both have sleek design,impressive look but which should buy iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III. We’ve taken a look at the features of both phones, put them in the ring and told them only … Read moreApple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III

Apple Revealed iPhone 5 Finally

apple iPhone 5 Image

Apple finally revealed its famous brand iPhone 5.When talking about the iPhone 5 Specifications and Released date there are lot of rumors but finally it will be in your hand and now you can  enjoy the thinnest, lightest and fastest handset yet as the brand behind today’s personal computing revolution sets out to prove that it still … Read moreApple Revealed iPhone 5 Finally

Google Chrome is available now for Apple’s iPad and iPhone

google chrome for ipad and iphone

Google has recently launched Google Project Glass and now it is come up with its famous browser Google Chrome which is available now  for Apple’s  iPad and iPhone. What is special in Google Chrome for ipad and iPhone: The new app was unveiled during the second-day keynote at Google’s I/O conference in San Francisco, where … Read moreGoogle Chrome is available now for Apple’s iPad and iPhone

Endurance Dricase Is Here To Keep Your iPhone Dri Under Water

Endurance-Dricase for iphone

Every iPhone lover wants to keep its iPhone safe from water. But what happened during bath or going for a swim.He has to put his smartphone away from him.Do not worry now because Endurance Dricase is here to keep your iPhone dri even when you are under water.It’s a water- and shockproof case for the … Read moreEndurance Dricase Is Here To Keep Your iPhone Dri Under Water