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How to Crop a Video in Windows Movie Maker

Microsoft Windows Movie Maker has built in option to crop a video, but how…? It will discuss in today’s topic in which we will learn to crop a video using movie maker without using any third party software other than Windows Movie Maker. In some cases, if there is need to use any external software than keeping in view to use the right output cropped video format. Windows users are familiar with the name of Windows Movie Maker, but most of them […]

How to add a drop-down list to a Cell in Microsoft Excel

Learn to create a drop-down list to a cell in Excel. To add list, we use the function of data validation method to the given cell. We can edit, remove list to single and multiple selection. In Microsoft Access you can limit a user to choose from the entries in the given set of data, in the same way, you can use this in other Office applications like Microsoft Excel by adding a drop-down list. The main purpose of this […]

Enable these Settings for Windows 10 Fast Startup

While using windows 10, you can enable these settings for windows 10 fast startup or make windows 10 boot up faster. The best thing is that you can disable these settings any time. One of the best things about windows 10 is its user-friendly interface as compared with windows previous versions. Also, it has come up with many features for a better experience and fast roaming. If you use windows 10, then you can enable the following settings for windows […]

Cool Notepad Tricks and Hacks For Windows

Cool notepad tricks and hacks to control many programs including windows more effectively. Given notepad code list consist of set of commands. Notepad is perhaps the most simple and frequently used text editor offered by Microsoft in every windows operating system. We normally use it for quick notes and to save file for our record. It is also used by the programmer and webmasters for coding and editing. Because Notepad supports many files extensions. Moreover, Notepad files can easily be […]

How to Calculate Range in Excel of Numbers using Excel Range Function

Microsoft Excel has very useful functions and we will discuss one of them, which will help to calculate range in excel for the given data set. In order to find out the smallest and largest values in a range of numbers manually is typically not a handy work, especially when numbers are in contiguous form with large numbers of data. But thanks to excel range function, by using this formula we can calculate range in excel easily. Not this excel range […]

How to Update Windows Photo Viewer Software in Windows 7

Learn to update windows photo viewer software for windows 7. If you have outdated version of windows photo viewer software then you need to update it through windows update feature on the computer. So that you can view the digital photos on your computer with great user experience. Although the old versions of windows like windows XP, windows vista have their own photo viewer software. Windows 7 also has its own latest photo viewer but with more advanced features than the […]

Convert Numbers into words in Excel in Indian and Pak Rupees

Most of the computer users know about the Microsoft Excel and its importance in office work. Especially the one who are linked with accounts and they often faced the situation where they have to convert numbers into words  for the ease of their account holder and for others persons. Let’s say we have daily routine to manage some calculation and we have to manually input the results into numbers especially in Indian or Pakistan Rupees, then it must be annoying or boring to […]