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How to Hide Facebook Friends List From Public and Only Visible to You

Did you know that You can Hide Facebook Friends list from others and make it only visible to you…? Yes, it is… Maybe many of us have a knowledge of this Facebook Privacy feature if no then this tutorial will guide you to hide your facebook friends list from others even from everyone and only you can see it.Since it is the Prime objective of every Facebook user to protect his Facebook Account and his info from the unknown person, and […]

How to Recover hacked Facebook Account Easily – Account Recovery Tips

The questions normally asked in these days: How to recover hacked Facebook account? my facebook account is hacked and email changed, how to recover hacked facebook account without email, recover hacked facebook account through friends….and so on… The answer and solutions of these will be discussed in today’s article. There are a lot of tricks in the form of keylogger software to hack or gain access to someone Facebook account.Many of new Facebook Users or one who has the great […]

How to Know who Visited My Facebook Profile Page recently

Every one is curious to know who visited his Facebook Profile page recently or viewed it the most. Whether he or she is in your friend list or someone else, whether he or she has viewed Photos or videos or some recently uploaded Post. These are the common questions  to know the Profile visitors of Facebook. The detail of Persons who visited Facebook Profile page will also help to know the new Persons, its location and might help to increase […]

How to Auto Forward Gmail Emails From One Account to Another

Learn how to auto forward Gmail Emails from one account to another automatically using Gmail Filter in an easy way. Gmail has a built-in facility to forward emails automatically to one or multiple Gmail accounts at the same time. All we have to do is to define some rules using Gmail filters and can avail this facility free. Don’t Miss: Best Gmail Extensions to Improve Email Productivity Why we need to Forward Mails from One Gmail Account to Another: Let’s […]

How to Setup Gmail Vacation Responder autoreply email message

Learn to setup Gmail vacation responder auto reply email message especially when you are out office at vacation around some far off place. Gmail has a number of features like to find Gmail account creation date and to automatically delete spam emails from the Gmail and many others. But today I going to give you detail about one of the famous Gmail account feature which can help to setup Gmail vacation responder to auto reply the persons whom you want.   […]

How to Embed YouTube Video with sound Muted in your website

It is easy to embed YouTube video in your website or blog. The YouTube video will automatically play when loaded but with sound muted or no sound. You just have to paste the code in the place where you want and can customize the variety of options provided by YouTube, including not only sound muted YouTube video but also skip full screen option, dimensions and other layout behavior. Normally when an embedded YouTube video loaded, the video will usually autopaly with sound, […]

How to Embed Facebook Message Button on Your Website

How to embed Facebook Message Button on your website is the topic of today. Email has always be the most easy and reliable source of communication and to send messages. Even now most of the people rely on this source and of course they have reason to do that. many website owners have used the email form to subscribe and communicate with the readers, but soon or later people realized that the method is a little lazy and there should […]