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Top 10 Sites Like Craigslist to Sell and Buy Products Online

Looking for some sites like Craigslist or want some alternatives to Craigslist to advertise your products online, then this topic is for you. No doubt, Craigslist is assumed to be the best place for product advertisement, due to its clear layout and advanced sites identifying technology. Also, there is a number of market advertiser preferred to promote their product locally on Craigslist. Being internet marketer, we want to sell our products at some suitable website online. Although there are a lot of […]

Best Remote Desktop Software – Teamviewer alternatives

Remote desktop software is a great way to access the computer remotely and manage the files and data according to your wish.  The remote access is not time or place limited, but all you need is some best remote desktop software and let the files and data shared with your friends and family with quite a confidence. Also when talking about the developers and master trainers, this  remote desktop software consider as key to success,also, remote desktops are an excellent […]

Best Free Music Download Sites for android Phones and PC

Best Free Music Download Sites for android phone and PC. While working on YouTube or any other Video Sharing website, we often need some free music to be used as background tracks. Although there is the mass of music available to download, due to copyright issues, it is a little bit risky or illegal to use music from these websites. In spite of these, there is a lot of free music download sites are available on the internet and mostly […]

3 Ways to Download any Video online from any Website for Free

Learn to download any video online from any site free. Use online video grabber, Extensions, add-ons and Softwares to watch video offline. While watching videos on video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo or daily motion, we just want to watch these video offline. Although the website like YouTube has introduced offline mode to save videos, but still then there is a lot of video sharing websites that do not provide the facility to download any video online directly and watch […]

Use Google Chrome Password Manager to Show Saved Password

How to Use Google Chrome Password Manager to Show Saved Password hidden under asterisks is the topic of today. While using Personal Computer/Laptops in Office or home, we usually save the password for our most visited websites like Facebook, Gmail etc. Although that is not a good practice, because someone may use our system in our absence and can steal important info, but somehow if we wished for our ease to not remember Password and also not to type the […]

Best Gmail Extensions to Improve Email Productivity

Best Gmail extensions to improve email productivity is the topic of today.Since Gmail has become the choice of millions of people around the globe, and the number is increasing day by day…all is due its vast features and securities that other email providers are hard to furnish. From its 2 step verification to using of filters to manage emails of our own choice, even it has the option to save all email messages in Google Docs and much more. Today […]

Google search “Find My Phone” to locate your missing android Phone

Google has improved its search ability to track or locate any android phone named by “Find My Phone” in its search bar. Android Device Manager is the improved source to use service of find my phone more effectively. Somehow or what you have lost or could not locate your phone, then before doing any legal action, you may consult Google about it…yes it is because now you can simply track your lost android phone with their free search function named […]