Convert your website to Mobilesite

The rise of the mobile is undeniable. Many even say that the future of the web lies on mobile devices. Gone were the days when people can only access the internet at home or in their office, but now some of them even throw away the heavy PC and adopted the mobile devices for web surfing experience. Sensing the importance stated above, it will be really wise for you to consider a mobile version of your website. Well, going mobile […]

Facebook Tips and tricks you Should Know

If you surf Facebook on daily basis or occasionally, chances are you’re already familiar with regular stuff like add/delete friends, update statuses, walls, and profile, add and explore pages & applications, etc, but there’s more. In this Post I want to cover some interesting Facebook tips and tricks you can do on (or with) Facebook; inclusive of tricks that are not documented or unknown to many, as well as tips to stay connected better with your friends. Facebook Tips and Tricks that […]

Apple iPad 3 – a bird eye view

The Apple iPad is one of the best-selling tablets in the world, and the iPad 3 is one of the most anticipated devices from Apple this year. This article explains you about the new features that are to be included in the iPad 3. In a nutshell, the Apple iPad3 will feature a new, thinner and sleeker design, down nearly 20 percent in size compared to the iPad 2. It will also support full touchscreen HD display with a screen resolution […]

Amazon Kindle Fire: Great Features with Economical Price

The online retailer’s new Kindle Fire is nowhere near as glossy as Apple’s iPad. Nor does it boast the rich ecosystem of apps. Based on the new device’s appeal alone, I’d pick the iPad any day. However, Amazon’s killer blow – the $300-plus gulf between the Kindle Fire and iPad’s price tags – means those are sacrifices that many would be more than happy to make. A huge number of technophiles have already committed to the iPad, but for those […]

iPADock: The ultimate iPad/iPhone dock accommodates all your devices

Japanese company PhotoFast Co.,Ltd. is set to release the iPADock at the end of September, and if these first pictures (released this week) are any indication, it’s quite possibly the most bad-ass iPad/iPhone charging dock we’ve seen to date. This docking station can accommodate various combinations of devices – you can connect two iPads at once, four iPhones at once, or you can mix it up with one iPad and two iPhones. You can also use iPADock to charge up […]

Count Your Visits to Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Sites

Internet is addiction and Facebook is the biggest addiction of all social media sites. We spend our lots of time on Facebook, Twitter and many other social media sites. These sites are nothing but time wasters for most of the people. Here I’m going to tell you a useful tool through which you can count your visits to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, this will help you gradually decrease the number of visits and free yourself from social media addiction. The name […]

Facebook: New Privacy Control over your photos

Facebook is announcing changes today that will let people quickly know exactly who can see everything they post and to block unwanted photos and other items tagged by others from their profile page. The company is also making a semantic modification that will eliminate a lot of confusion for new Facebook users – changing ‘everyone’ to ‘public’. Many people think that setting their sharing to ‘everyone’ means everyone on the social networking site, when it actually means everyone on the […]