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10 Best Free Online Punctuation Checker Tools to Correct Grammar Mistakes

The most effective part of writing a blog post or any other content is the grammar checking and its proofreading. Especially, if you are not a regular content writer and have English as not your native language, then the situation may be a little difficult for you. Even for a professional writer, these online punctuation checker tools will help greatly to write correctly and error free. Also, Google & other search engines love content that has fewer Grammar mistakes. The fewer Grammar mistakes, the greater chances to get it […]

Free online Duplicate Content Checker Tools for Webmasters

Duplicate content can seriously harm the rankings of your website. Especially if you have multi-author web blog or accepting guest posts. So in order to avoid copied content, I have summed up a detail of the best Free Duplicate Content Checker tools or FREE plagiarism checker tools that can easily detect the pirated content. Why We Should use Duplicate Content Checker Tools: There are many reasons to use duplicate content checker tools, Let’s say we have published an SEO friendly blog […]

5 Reasons Your Business should be Blogging

Blogging is one of the essential marketing functions that any business should be using on a daily and consistent basis. There are a variety of benefits of why businesses should integrate blogging into their marketing strategy. This article will help you to understand that why your business should be blogging. Read Also: Merits of Social Media Monitoring Also : How to choose the Right Digital marketing Agency For your Business Brand 5 Reasons Your Business should be Blogging: Here is […]

5 Things to Consider before accepting Guest Posts to Your Blog

Since Guest Posts are the great  source adopted by most of the bloggers and webmasters so  there are certain things to remember before accepting guest posts to your blog . It need a little and timeless effort to accept and publish guest posts and in return they provides one or two backlinks to the Guest author.It was the famous practice and many bloggers have increased their Google Page Rank as well as traffic due to it. It is also as […]

6 Killer Tips to Increase Your Blog Comments

Do you want to know the killer tips to increase your blog comments,if yes then this is the right place for that.Because I have complied such proven ways that will surly help you to catch the attention of visitors and help to get of useful blog comments. Before proceed let’s see why you are worried about the blog comments..? Think you have written killer content,have made effective seo,social media marketing…..but even then you did not have much comments or have […]

6 Steps to Convert your visitors into Loyal Blog Readers

Getting organic traffic is not a bad idea, but the thing is whether these visitors will be loyal blog readers, will these blog readers again visit your blog…it is a questionable and important issue for many bloggers. The loyal blog readers will not only increase blog traffic but will also take part to share the pocket load. But the thing is why a visitor will return to read your blog content again, or why he should click the other blog […]

How to Add Your Blog To Technorati Directory

Technorati is one of the largest and growing blog directory.It has already millions of bloggers listed and each day its network is growing.Google,Bing and other search engines loves the blogs associated with it and measures its Rank by its Popularity. It is also a great tool to promote your content and alternatively will become a great source of traffic. Adding Blog to Technorati is not so difficult,just concentrate the step by step guide and get listed today. How to Add […]