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How to delete Facebook Search History From PC and Smartphone Permanently

Facebook is one of the most popular social media to communicate and share thoughts with other Facebook users around the Globe. Along with these features, it can also be being used for other social media marketing activities to promote their business. For this people are usually used the Facebook Search feature to explore new persons, groups, and pages. This activity is not only specific to business but can also be being used for the common Facebook users to search friends and remote […]

Social Media Tips: Drive Free Unlimited Traffic from Facebook

So you want unlimited Traffic to your website for free, Use Facebook Social Media Tips to drive Free unlimited traffic to your website or blog from Facebook. Although there are other social medias like Twitter, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and LinkedIn, but Facebook Social media have its own importance, due to a lot of features for its users, from free content posting to blog promotion. If you are a new blogger and struggling to increase blog traffic, then here is the topic just for […]

How to Hide Friends List on Facebook From Public and Only Visible to You

Do you know that you can hide Friends List on facebook from other people to make it hidden, private & only visible to you using Facebook Security Feature? Yes, it is… Maybe many of us have a knowledge of this Facebook Privacy feature if no then this tutorial will guide you to hide friends list on Facebook from others even from everyone and only you can see it. Since it is the Prime objective of every Facebook user to protect […]

Secure Facebook Account from Being Hacked – Follow Easy Steps

How to secure Facebook account from being hacked is the topic of today. Facebook security is the major issue at all times. We are having many cases in our daily life, where someone account hacked and have to do a lot of efforts to recover hacked Facebook account. Although in many cases Facebook account recovered successfully, keeping in view the info and the case history being provided to the Facebook authority, but still there are a lot of pending cases… […]

How to Recover hacked Facebook Account Easily – Account Recovery Tips

The questions normally asked in these days: How to recover hacked Facebook account? my facebook account is hacked and email changed, how to recover hacked facebook account without email, recover hacked facebook account through friends link….and so on… The answer and solutions of these will be discussed in today’s article. There are a lot of tricks in the form of keylogger software to hack or gain access to someone Facebook account. Many of new Facebook Users or one who has […]

Use Facebook Activity Log to Search all Post History Of Facebook Profile Page

Is it possible to use Facebook Activity Log feature to search all Post History of Facebook Profile Page..? Yes, it is now you can explore are posts, likes, dislikes, comments, Images, videos or else one whether by you or by the visitor in easily and in few steps. The Facebook activity log is a unique facility provided by Facebook to its users among all other Social medias, Through this, you can not only explore all your activities on your timeline […]

How to Know who Visited My Facebook Profile Page recently

Everyone is curious to know who visited his Facebook Profile page recently or viewed My Facebook Profile the most. Whether he or she is on your friend list or someone else, whether he or she has viewed Photos or videos or some recently uploaded Post. These are the common questions to know the Profile visitors of Facebook. The detail of Persons who have viewed my Facebook Profile will also help to know the new Persons, their locations and might help to […]