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How to Get the Google Play On Your Android Device

The Google Play set new destinations in the android market with its new and trendy applications,games,media and much more.It is the time of digital media to come in your android based devices but how……? it is a questionable sentence but one can enriched its android phone by the simple steps. Why We need Google Play : we need the store like Google Play because This store is just like itunes and some of the persons also criticism over its name […]

Goodbye to Android Market,Hello to Google Play

Goodbye to android market and hello to Google Play….who said so, of course, one name and it is Google, week , the famous search engine and now a popular technology target setter.let’s come to the story. Google is bringing changing day by day to bring new horizon in the field of mobile technology and now it has made a change its on-line apps says that Google’s apple store is no longer is called android market but it is known as Google Play.Starting from the […]