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Google Project Glass Will Finally be Made in USA

Google Project Glass was introduced by Google in last year.Being one of the unique Project by Google many eyes were still waiting for it,although Google had introduced it in their head quarter in California . But still he decided to manufacture it only in USA. So it will be a great news for the American citizens that this Google Project Glass will be introduced to the world from their homeland.It was again claimed by Google that there will be no […]

Google Project Glass – Smart Project by Google Revealed

What will you say about the glasses that you are wearing,can you make a video call using  them or can trace your friend or some coffee shop… of course not but i can tell you that  all above is possible how…?,Google will answer. a couple of days ago,Google has just unleashed what looks to be the most innovative product yet called  Google Project Glass. What is Special in Google Project Glass: This project which is developed by the Google team is aiming […]