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6 Best Google Play Store Alternatives to Run Android Apps and Games

Google Play store is no doubt is the prime objective of every Android user to download android apps and Games. The reason behind this popular Android app store is due to its SECURE and Variety of Android software covering nearly every topic. Somehow, when we don’t find an app for which we are looking for, due to: Limited to download for some specific country and is banned in your country or region. Your device may not access or compatible with this on Google Play Store. […]

Use Google Chrome Password Manager to Show Saved Password

How to Use Google Chrome Password Manager to Show Saved Password hidden under asterisks is the topic of today. While using Personal Computer/Laptops in Office or home, we usually save the password for our most visited websites like Facebook, Gmail etc. Although that is not a good practice, because someone may use our system in our absence and can steal important info, but somehow if we wished for our ease to not remember Password and also not to type the […]

Google search “Find My Phone” to locate your missing android Phone

Google has improved its search ability to track or locate any android phone named by “Find My Phone” in its search bar. Android Device Manager is the improved source to use service of find my phone more effectively. Somehow or what you have lost or could not locate your phone, then before doing any legal action, you may consult Google about it…yes it is because now you can simply track your lost android phone with their free search function named […]

How to Create a Filter in Gmail Account using Gmail Filter Rules

Create a Filter in Gmail account is a great tool offered for Gmail account holders. Millions of people are using Gmail account for email,social media and much more, but few of them may have knowledge to use Gmail filter for incoming emails. This feature will not only sort emails as you desire but can also block emails from specific senders,with some specific words,titles,help to Gmail account recovery and even manage to automatically forward the emails to the address specified by […]

Google Panda 4 update and Payday Loan 2 are rolling out to hit SEO

Google always try to improve the search results of those websites that are not involved in any kind of black hat seo or some  other unethical way to improve SER’P. In lieu of that  a few days back Matt Cutts announced in Twitter about the new update in Google Algorithm named by Google Panda 4 update along with Payday Loan 2. According to the spokesman Google Panda 4 update is for websites having  low quality,thin,poor or duplicate content”  while Payday […]

How to secure Gmail Account using Google 2 step verification

Everyone wants to secure Gmail account, for this normally strong Passwords, enhanced security questions and even SMS and email alert are used for change in Gmail Password. But along with all these even there are chances to hack or some kind of unethical access to your Gmail account. So in that case what should do …..? But need not to worry because now it is very easy to secure Gmail Account using Google 2 step verification.The 2 step verification is also […]

Moving Forward With Your SEO Plans amidst the Google Hummingbird

Google will continue to be the SEO boss for as long as it is the search engine leader and it has once again changed how everyone optimize their website with their latest search algorithm. After the Google Panda and Penguin update, Google Hummingbird was released a little over two months ago. Although the effect of this new algorithm has not been felt yet by a lot of websites, the Google Hummingbird has sent many SEO specialists agog over the direction that their SEO […]