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Top 5 Best iOS Emulator for PC Windows to run iPhone Apps

The best IOS emulator for PC windows with app store used to run Apple iPhone and iPad apps will be discussed in today’s topic. As we know that Apple iPhone is one f the famous and competitive brands among other in the market, all is due to its features and other huge variety of apps and Games available in the Apple app store. The persons having iPhone and Ipad can equally enjoy the ios apps both on their devices as […]

Apple announces the iPad Mini

After the successful launch of iPad 3, Apple announces its latest version  iPad Mini. It is the smaller version of iPad with full sized tablet.It is rumored that the new iPad Mini will prove to be smarter then 4th generation iPad due to its specification and features. Tim Cook (CEO, Apple) took the stage to start bragging about the numbers to give a clear indication that Apple is still the number one technology company. Talking  at a special event in San Jose. […]

Google Chrome is available now for Apple’s iPad and iPhone

Google has recently launched Google Project Glass and now it is come up with its famous browser Google Chrome which is available now  for Apple’s  iPad and iPhone. What is special in Google Chrome for ipad and iPhone: The new app was unveiled during the second-day keynote at Google’s I/O conference in San Francisco, where Google also revealed that Chrome already has 310m active users on other platforms: mainly computers, although a beta version for Android was released in February […]

Axis – Yahoo’s New Browser for Smartphones and Windows

Yahoo introduced a new browser named as Axis that equally works on smartphones and windows.According to VentureBeat, the browser runs on iPad and iPhone as a separate standalone browser and as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, with support for Android and Windows Phone  is coming soon. Why Axis since lot of browser are already used in the iphones,ipad and windows pc then why Axis…? The answer is given by the  yahoo that Yahoo! Axis offers a faster, smarter […]

Apple’s new iPad 3 sales top 3 Million just in Hours

Apple has officially launched its new iPad 3 on Friday 16 March 2012 and just in 72 hours its sale top 3 Million.It is a great sale of the history, and credit goes to its incredible design, remarkable outlook and great functions, Everyone which induced the users to have it in their hands. see the launching ceremony of iPad 3 below   Why New iPad 3 is PreEveryone wants new iPad 3  what because new iPad boasts a stunning retina display, a […]

Official Xbox LIVE App For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch is Available For Download

Microsoft has released its app for iOS, now you can use this app on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Microsoft give this app name “MyXbox Live”. This app has a complete resemblance with Windows OS, if you uses the Windows platform you can easily recognize it. The app lets users send messages, manage friend lists, edit profiles, change the features on an avatar, and view game achievement progress. You can now stay connected to the Xbox Live community on the go […]

Apple’s iPad 2 vs. Amazon’s Kindle Fire – The choice is yours

Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which runs Google’s Android Operating System went on sale yesterday in US market. Kindle Fire isn’t designed to Compete with Apple’s popular iPad Tablet, this will be interesting to see how the two devices compare. The Hardware There are customers who would like to go for iPad 2 with a larger 9.7-inch display (1024×768 resolutions), while many others will also opt for a smaller form-factor with Kindle Fire sporting a 7-inch display (1024×600 resolutions). If you are […]