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The Best Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft has introduced a variety of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts to navigate between new features, like,snap (which lets you “snap” desktop windows to the left or right side of your screen, taking up either a half or a quarter of your display) virtual desktops, and even activate the new Cortana digital assistant. All the new important additions use the Windows key, so they’re easy to activate. Read Also: How To Convert Windows XP SP2 To SP3 In One Minute Most of us are […]

How to Find Gmail Account Creation Date – Google Creation Date

How to find Gmail account creation date is the topic of today. Account Creation date is necessary especially we have forgotten our Gmail password and Google may ask to provide such info to verify our account. We know that Gmail has become a very popular email service from a couple of years due to its great features and reliabilities especially its keyboard shortcuts. The thing that we are going to discuss is the creation date of Gmail, which is a product […]

How To Navigate the Twitter with Keyboard Shortcuts

It is time  to navigate the twitter with keyboard shortcuts,now you need not to do much effort to move your cursor but just have fun with the clicks of keyboard and you will access some great features.whenever we talks about the top  social media sites,then twitter has high Google Page Rank even then Facebook and stumbleupon and still going up.So lets talk about the previous posts in which the readers of this blog has already gone through  the Gmail keyboard […]

Google Plus (Google+) Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts is the best and fast way to go through the contents,especially when talking about Google Plus then there should be some source of keys that help one to catch the text with one keystroke. Let’s talk about these keyboard shortcuts in today’s post. I already posted Facebook keyboard shortcuts  and also windows 8 hot keys but still there is a roam for shortcuts keys for Google +. Google Plus (Google+) Keyboard Shortcuts: Following is the list of most […]

Most Wanted Google Chrome Tips and Shortcuts

Hi I have come with most wanted Google chrome tips and shortcuts today,these will surely make your search friendly and move you across the chrome more effectively. You can bookmark any website with one click,can open any webpage without leaving any history and much more. so you can also feel  free to work online on your famous websites. So why these keyboard shortcuts are important or why we are in the need of the shortcut of our famous search engine Google chrome. […]

How to Operate Gmail account using Keyboard Shortcuts

In today’s post of How to Operate Gmail account using Keyboard Shortcuts, I am going to tell you to operate your Gmail account using keyboard shortcut means now you can use the keyboard instead of the mouse to navigate through the web.this will saves many seconds of your PC work. Read Also: Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts: Many computer applications help you to create your own custom shortcuts keys to enjoying, even more, flexibility. Here is the list   shortcut keys […]

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook is becoming a popular and emerging social media among the internet users.Every one of us must spend some of time at Facebook for gossips and exchanging of views. The purpose of  article under consideration is to provide  some Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for ease and efficient work for Facebook lovers,so that they can create new messages,view account settings,View notifications etc in short interval of time.Once you get familiar with these shortcuts you can easily navigate on facebook.In this post I will give the […]