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Use NFC Smartphone to Control Your Hyundai Car

Have you ever think to control your Hyundai car with NFC Smartphone,if  not then just try to connect your nfc smartphone and through your keys in ditch.But who has claimed…nothing other then Hyundai company,and the company wants drivers to forget all about the metal set of keys they’ve been lugging around for years; in the future you’ll need only an NFC smartphone to control your car. Hyundai sampled the technology earlier this week on its New Generation i30, though it […]

Unlock your door with your Smartphone

Now this is the future, guys. Hate carrying around your keys or digging in your purse to find them? Perhaps you’re at work and need someone to grab something from your home but you don’t have a key to give them? Lockitron is a deadbolt locking system that allows you to send a simple text message or use your NFC enabled smart phone to quickly and easily unlock your door/gate/barn/whatever. No more hiding keys under welcome mats or behind fixtures. You can […]