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Samsung Gear S vs Moto 360 – Smart watches Comparison

Most of the smartphones and tablets looks smiler, built from the same material and may have same shape, but have different features and functions. Similarly the smart watches that created a new smartphones trend but still there is difference among them. Since  By the arrival of Smart watches, the communication become easy now, we don’t need to even carry heavy and large smartphones or tablets to go, because every thing is now possible with these smart watches.Weather we want to […]

Download VillainROM 1.0, First Custom ROM For Samsung Galaxy S II

There’s no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S II is the current Android smartphone king, and the detailed hands on Samsung Galaxy S II review substantiates that. So as jail breaking is to iOS, rooting is to Android. Presenting VillainROM 1.0, based on XWKE2, the first custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S II. The developer, pulser_g2, has published a clear-cut disclaimer: /** You were the one who flashed this ROM. That means if you mess it up, you can only blame yourself. This ROM is tested […]

[Infographic] Smartphone Statistics 2013

 [Infographic] Smartphone Statistics 2013 Smartphones,no doubt are  playing vital role in bringing ease in our life. Not only adults but young also showed big interest for having the smartphone and their demand is increasing by the time. There is also a big competition among the famous brands for having latest features and specifications.Whether it is about NFC enabled Smartphones,or having automatic transmission for your bicycle, smartphones are every where. Below is the infographic of the smartphone  statistics showing its development,share […]

Photofast Released i Flash HD Drive for two way Storage

After the successful launch of Docking Station,iPaDock for smart devices, Photofast released its emerging brand of I Flash HD drive for two-way storage between iOS and Mac/PC. This multi-storage device can extend the memory capacity and is designed to manage, swap and sync data between Mac or PC and iDevices like iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch. Yet there are other famous devices like Endurance Dry case that keep smartphone dry under water and Lockitron Door Unlocking Device with Smartphone  this device […]

Top NFC Enabled Smartphones

When talking about the top  nfc enabled smartphones then the name of some famous brands flash in our mind,but there are some ranges of smartphones that may be not  in that list.So i have come up with such famous nfc enabled smartphones that have created a lot of ease and entertainment in our life. Also when taking in account of our favorite smartphones we consider or expect some of the  features like display,connectivity,OS,longest battery life,camera and other things too,so keeping […]

Use NFC Smartphone to Control Your Hyundai Car

Have you ever think to control your Hyundai car with NFC Smartphone,if  not then just try to connect your nfc smartphone and through your keys in ditch.But who has claimed…nothing other then Hyundai company,and the company wants drivers to forget all about the metal set of keys they’ve been lugging around for years; in the future you’ll need only an NFC smartphone to control your car. Hyundai sampled the technology earlier this week on its New Generation i30, though it […]

Bicycles will get automatic transmission by Smartphones

It was the time when riders rely on the gears of bicycles but now technology has changed itself  and bicycle get automatic transmission that can be controlled by any smartphone.This all was done by the first automatic gear developed by UK Cambridge consultants.Who was working hard on developing this project for a couple of months. In the previous posts I have already introduced some interesting thing like unlock your door with your smartphone and iPhone Compatible Wrist watch and now […]