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How to delete Facebook Search History From PC and Smartphone Permanently

Facebook is one of the most popular social media to communicate and share thoughts with other Facebook users around the Globe. Along with these features, it can also be being used for other social media marketing activities to promote their business. For this people are usually used the Facebook Search feature to explore new persons, groups, and pages. This activity is not only specific to business but can also be being used for the common Facebook users to search friends and remote […]

Social Media Tips: Drive Free Unlimited Traffic from Facebook

So you want unlimited Traffic to your website for free, Use Facebook Social Media Tips to drive Free unlimited traffic to your website or blog from Facebook. Although there are other social medias like Twitter, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and LinkedIn, but Facebook Social media have its own importance, due to a lot of features for its users, from free content posting to blog promotion. If you are a new blogger and struggling to increase blog traffic, then here is the topic just for […]

URL Shortening Services to increase Social Media Engagement

URL Shortening services are becoming popular among the bloggers and webmasters.Many of us are using this tool to shorten long url and easily share it among  fellows & friends on social media,conversations and forums. Although some of the url shortening websites offered limited time to use their services but most of them provide this service to shorten url for life time including url description and API. Today i am going to share How to use url shortening services to increase […]

Increase Website Traffic through Social Media and See Increase in Sales and Profits

The field of business is very competitive. Every businessman knows that he or she should study the market and trends well if he wants to get out of the battle alive. Otherwise, there will be nothing left in the business, but credits and losses. So what do you have to do to keep your business alive, or rise above the rest? Social media might just be what you need. Social media is one of the most powerful tools which help […]

How to Create Custom Facebook Chat Emoticons with Simple Methods

Facebook is becoming an emerging social media, along with its vast features of commenting, customize  Facebook updates, sharing links, pictures,changing profiles… there are also lot more interesting stuff to share and see. In short it is like a search engine at its own place. So Let’s see how can we create custom Facebook Chat emoticons through this simple and powerful social media. Read Also: Funny Facebook Chat Emoticons &                 How to send colorful […]

Does Facebook usage impact Google SEO?

Can our Facebook activity really affect Google SEO? If we happen to like a web page it does not show up on our profile, that’s one important aspect of Google not having access to see we’ve Liked. It means Google is unable to tell when a certain authority has endorsed their opinion via a Like or not. What’s possible is that they can execute the “JavaScript” for the Like buttons on a specific page, but will not be able to […]

How to handle unwanted Facebook Friend Requests

While roaming through the social media like Facebook, it is the chance the you may get a friend request from  unknown person or  from some unwanted person. In that case you have the option to not accept it and keep it pending, or click to confirm it….In the earlier case the person may get annoyed,especially if you have some social media relations with him. So how to handle such unwanted Facebook friend requests or the case when you can not […]