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Apple’s new iPad 3 sales top 3 Million just in Hours

Apple has officially launched its new iPad 3 on Friday 16 March 2012 and just in 72 hours its sale top 3 Million.It is a great sale of the history, and credit goes to its incredible design, remarkable outlook and great functions, Everyone which induced the users to have it in their hands. see the launching ceremony of iPad 3 below   Why New iPad 3 is PreEveryone wants new iPad 3  what because new iPad boasts a stunning retina display, a […]

Amazing Display Technology Allows User To FEEL Virtual Textures – Coming Soon To Smartphones And Tablets

Hi friends do not get confused with the post title,it is the new display technology that allow users to feel virtual texture and will be available soon to smartphones and tablet pc. So first of all let’s see what is virtual texture..? it refers to a texture allocation technique facilitating the use of a single extremely large texture rather than repeating multiple smaller textures. Who introduce This technology: A company called Senseg has introduced this technology,according to their research,they have manufactured a new type […]

Nokia to release Windows 8 tablets by June 2012.

There’s some intriguing Nokia news coming out of France this morning, thanks to Paul Amsellem, head of the company’s Gallic outpost. In a recent interview with Parisian daily Les Echos, Amsellem described Nokia’s aspirations to regain some of the market share it’s lost within France, explaining that his firm is squarely targeting the 60 percent of French users who currently don’t own a smart phone. More salient, however, is what the exec had to say about Nokia’s plans for future releases. According to […]

Amazon Kindle Fire: Great Features with Economical Price

The online retailer’s new Kindle Fire is nowhere near as glossy as Apple’s iPad. Nor does it boast the rich ecosystem of apps. Based on the new device’s appeal alone, I’d pick the iPad any day. However, Amazon’s killer blow – the $300-plus gulf between the Kindle Fire and iPad’s price tags – means those are sacrifices that many would be more than happy to make. A huge number of technophiles have already committed to the iPad, but for those […]

Pump up the tablet jam with the Logitech Tablet Speaker for iPad

It’s a sad fact of life for tablet manufacturers looking to produce slim, portable devices that when it comes speakers, bigger is usually better – which is why so many people prefer to opt for headphones when using the devices rather than the decidedly lackluster inbuilt speakers found in most tablets. What is Special in Logitech Tablet Speaker For IPad: But if you’re looking to use an iPad to provide some tunes at a get-together, show off a game to […]