10 Best ChatGPT Alternatives (Free and Paid)

List of the Best ChatGPT Alternatives: ChatSonic Jasper AI OpenAI playground Google Bard Microsoft Bing AI Amazon Codewhisperer CoPilot Elsa Speak You.com (YouChat) Poe by Quora Other best alternatives to ChatGPT to make life easier: LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications) Socratic DialoGPT Megatron-Turing Natural Language Generation Chatsonic on Opera NeevaAI Tabnine Bloom DeepL Write … Read more

Best Auto Mouse Mover Software For Windows

Is it possible to make mouse movement automatic without or keep your Windows screen alive automatically? Yes, you can. Just by using some of the specially developed auto mouse mover software or with some handy USB enable gadgets. So next time, whenever you are downloading or installing any specific software or just want to keep … Read more

How to Disable Firewall in Windows (5 Easy & Practical Methods )

Windows firewall is a built-in security feature to protect the system from unwanted or unethical access through a local network or communication via the internet. In both cases, you have additional security to check all incoming connections and let them filter as per recommendations. Especially, when you have third-party software installed on your computer. The … Read more

Best Driver Updater Software for Windows PC

It is always recommended to update the drivers of windows pc to improve the system’s performance and enhance its security. In order to check the latest versions, Microsoft Windows has features that either install the driver’s updates to computers automatically or at least be prompted them to update. Due to the connectivity of external devices … Read more