5 Services to convert your website to Mobilesite

The rise of the mobile is undeniable. Many even say that the future of the web lies on mobile devices. Gone were the days when people can only access the internet at home or in their office, but now some of them even throw away the heavy PC and adopted the mobile devices for web streaming and surfing experience.

Sensing the importance stated above, it will be wise for you to consider a mobile version of your website. Well, going mobile entails another hefty development process, but the good news is there are cheap but quality solutions, and what’s better: right here is a list of services that you can use to either convert your website into the mobilesite or create it from scratch.

Why We Need a Mobile Friendly Version of a Website:

Before proceeding to know the ways to convert the website to the mobilesite, first of let’s see why we need this version of the website.

Since most of the work has done now on the mobile especially from shopping to browsing, so need to get a mobile-friendly version of the site It Is necessary.

Google also loves to have a site in the mobile version to sky rock its business, so that user-friendly interfaces may be provided to its customers and visitors.

Recommended Sources to Convert Website into the Mobilesite:

The following are the 5 different recommended sources that might be used to convert your site to a mobile site.


With mofuse, there are two ways to convert your site to mobile: building it yourself through mofuse or hiring them to build it for you. By building it yourself using their application, you have more control over the design and development process, only you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription to keep the service going, else you can hire their design experts to build it for you. (Self Service: $7.95/month – $199/month)
Mofuse mobile Site


mobiSiteGalore claims itself to be the easiest mobile web builder, for as average as 54 minutes their customers can already build a fully functional mobile site of their web version site. Another good thing is, as you may have noticed, many of the services listed below focus on smartphones. Well, mobiSiteGalore does support low-end phones that aren’t so smart. (Free – $225/year)


Turns your website into mobile site fast with bMobilized. It offers the fast conversion with comprehensive customization as an option available for you to tune the design well.

bMobilized claims they support more than 13000 mobile devices, including all major brands. Also the more website you host using their service the higher the discount you get. So if you have a network of websites that needs conversion, bMobilized is the perfect service for you! ($19.99/month)

convert website

convert website requires its customers to send them the PSD file of the website they wish to convert. Why? To determine what approach is best in the redesigning process from desktop to mobile. Its method is quite similar to Code My Concept, which means handcrafting your provided PSD into a mobilesite.

Unlike other services, this service takes days for the conversion. For a general conversion, the delivery date is 9 days, with the option to expedite the process. The price is fairly high compared to another service, but consider that your site is handcrafted by industry professionals. ($307 – $362)


If you are engaged in e-commerce, Mobify is probably the best service out there for you. Mobify offers HTML5 features for its clients, and their experienced teams will design your mobile site to your specific requirements, with the fact that most stores going from concept to launch within 3 weeks. You can also go for a self-serve solution by referring to their Publisher page. (Publisher Pricing: $0 – $1000)
mobify to convert website to mobile site
hope so the next time, you would not face any issue regarding the mobile version of your site.

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