block unwanted websites on your computer easily

Block unwanted websites on your computer

There are many websites or pages out there you do not want to visit either by your employes, young ones or some of your friends,or even you want to keep it secure at some specific pc.

There are hundreds if not thousands of third-party software programs that are available to block unwanted websites on your computer, some of them are free but most charge something.

You can block sites by redirecting them to the computer’s IP address that is used for a loopback network connection.

I am in this article going to tell you a simple way to block unwanted websites.

How to Block unwanted websites on your computer:

Here is the step by step guide to block unwanted websites on your computer.

just follow the steps

  1. Go to My computer
  2. in address bar type C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc. and then press enter.

block unwanted websites

 3     in the next windows right-click on the Hosts file, choose open and open it in note pad.

 4  add the numbers followed by at least one space followed by the URL, for example, you want to block. and save the document.

 5    choose to allow if your antivirus alert

 all have done, now you can check the website that you have blocked.

 6  it will show the webpage is not available or oops your page is not available.

If you want to allow the site then just remove the name of site from the windows (mentioned in step 4).

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