Unlock your door with your Smartphone using Lockitron

Now, this is the future, guys. Hate carrying around your keys or digging in your purse to find them? Perhaps you’re at work and need someone to grab something from your home but you don’t have a key to give them?

Lockitron is a deadbolt locking system that allows you to send a simple text message or use your NFC enabled smartphone to quickly and easily unlock your door/gate/barn/whatever. No more hiding keys under welcome mats or behind fixtures. You can even send virtual keys to friends or family and give them full or temporary access (perfect for those crazy ex’s).

You won’t have to replace the locks – just get a new virtual key.unlock deeor with smartphone using Lockitron
Lockitron is compatible with most standard deadbolts and according to the company, takes less than 15 minutes to install with a simple screwdriver.

Requirements for the proper use of Lockitron.

The only requirements include:

  • Broadband internet connection and available ethernet jack on the router
  • Ability to place base station with a wired internet connection within 10-30 feet of the door
  • Wood door – for metal doors, it is recommended that you place a piece of wood, cardboard or rubber between your door and the inside Lockitron unit and place base station 5-10 ft. from your door.
  • Proper door-frame alignment – sagging doors, damaged doors or damaged frames will cause Lockitron to jam when operating

Lockitron isn’t just the future — it’s actually available right now for $300 with no monthly fees for basic service which includes the ability to give out temporary or permanent keys to guests or co-workers from your smartphone or laptop. Text messaging access (for dumbphones) is a premium service.

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