Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook is becoming a popular and emerging social media among the internet users.Every one of us must spend some of time at Facebook for gossips and exchanging of views.

The purpose of  article under consideration is to provide  some Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for ease and efficient work for Facebook lovers,so that they can create new

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messages,view account settings,View notifications etc in short interval of time.Once you get familiar with these shortcuts you can easily navigate on facebook.In this post I will give the shortcut keys for Google Chrome,Firefox and Internet Explorer

Here is the comprehensive list of those Facebook Keyboard shortcuts for each browser.

Facebook Keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome:

Here is the comprehensive list of those shortcuts for each browser.

  • Alt+1: View your News Feed
  • Alt+2: View your own Profile
  • Alt+3: View pop-up of friend requests
  • Alt+4: View pop-up of messages
  • Alt+5: View pop-up of notifications
  • Alt+6: View Account Settings
  • Alt+7: View Privacy Settings
  • Alt+8: View Facebook’s own profile
  • Alt+9: Read latest Terms of Service agreement.
  • Alt+?: Search
  • Alt+m: Compose a new message

If you are using Firefox browser then you also need to press SHIFT along with the above shortcut keys.

Facebook Keyboard shortcuts for Firefox:

  • Shift+Alt+1: View your News Feed
  • Shift+Alt+2: View your own Profile
  • Shift+Alt+3: View pop-up of friend requests
  • Shift+Alt+4: View pop-up of messages
  • Shift+Alt+5: View pop-up of notifications
  • Shift+Alt+6: View Account Settings
  • Shift+Alt+7: View Privacy Settings
  • Shift+Alt+8: View Facebook’s own profile
  • Shift+Alt+9: Read latest Terms of Service agreement.
  • Shift+Alt+0: Open Facebook Help Center
  • Shift+Alt+?: Search
  • Shift+Alt+m: Compose a new message

If you are using Internet Explorer then you can use the Facebook keyboard shortcuts of Google chrome,but you have to press ENTER after each shortcut .

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