How to Add animated Favicon to your Blog ?

Hi, Friends, many of us have heard about Favicons, and most of them must use them on their website/blog…..but some of them must think what is Favicon..? How to create and use it..?

What is a Favicon:

Favicon is a small icon, image or some animated graphics that one can see at the left side in the browser bar of website name It is usually associated with the web site URL, as you can see down here.
so you can see the favicon that I have used in my blog and that appeared before the title of my blog in the browser bar.
It actually consists of a logo and then my blog title as text. The image and text together make a more beautiful combination.

How to create and add animated Favicon to blog?

As you can see I have not used an animated favicon, but it is optional to use an animated favicon or simply a static favicon, so let’s started.

1. Go to Favicon Generator.  

2. When you see the favicon generator webpage just scroll down and see the options as to see below.

3. Click the button “choose file” and browse for the picture, image or what you want .also add your blog title (optional)..

4. Click the button” Generate Favicon”.

The Browser will show you another page, again scroll down it. Now you can see your desired picture, image as icon. (click the image below and see it in large size)

5. Right-click at your desired icon, and choose to save or save as.

6. Now upload the image to your WordPress directory or any other image hosting site (like Picassa). and get the image URL.

7. If you are using WordPress then go to appearance >  Editor  >  Header.php  and save the following line just after <head>  but before </head>, but be sure to change the  “Add Your Favicon Link here ” with your image URL.

<link href=’Add Your Favicon link here’ rel=’icon’ type=’image/gif’/>

If you are using a blogger account then.Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML and Search For <b:skin> and just above it paste the code,mentioned above.

Do try to add a favicon to your site to make it a brand.

Waiting for your response.

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