How to Optimize your blog images to enhance SEO ?

Hy friends today I am going to tell you how to optimize your blog images to enhance SEO….the question is why it is important …? The question is quite easy and important because SEO (search engine optimization ) is the way to increase website ranking, to increase traffic to your blog site.

A lot of people use Google image search to find images for a variety of topics.

In Google’s webmasters’ guidelines, they encourage webmasters to use alternative text for the images.

Also, highly relevant images show at the top of Google’s search result page when it matches the search query that can bring more search engine traffic to a site. Just see the picture below

You can see in the above picture that I have searched for “android Phone” and the images search shows the famous links, just note the big one mouse pointer picture, the name of search words included in its name, and similarly for the other images too.

How to Optimize your blog images to enhance SEO

So keep given this it is very easy to make your images familiar with the world by the following simple techniques

1. Name Your Images

whenever you add some image in your post/article change its name relevant to your post…for example, in my post I will use imageseo.jpg instead of 21.jpg or whatever the computer suggests.

2. Use relevant text around your images.

to use the blog images make sure there is some descriptive text before or after the image just relevant to the image.

3. Use a keyword in your Alt text.

Alt stands for alternative text. This is the most important thing in image optimization. You should include a keyword or phrase that is relevant to the image but take note that you should not stuff it with keywords that many inexperienced webmasters do and unethical SEO’s do to avoid penalties from Search Engines.

You can also use alt tag plugin(if you are using WordPress) To make it more clear, here’s how it looks:

<img src="imagename.jpg" alt="descriptive text here">

4. Use anchor text keywords in image links.

Anchor Text is a keyword when linking to a specific image instead of using Click to View Full Size. You can use something like images or the name of that picture.

5. Use better image extension

when naming your image it is important to name it in the format of .jpg or .png or .gif  because these are the most searching image extensions.

6. Use Social Site Tag for your images.

If your images have little or no textual content, it would be more helpful to tag it using social tags like Technorati or else one. It adds more weight to your image to help it rank better.

You can also use your site name with the image name.

7. Use reliable photo sharing hosting

use reliable photo sharing sites like Flickr and tag your images.

These are some ways to optimize your blog images, there may be also many other ways and I am waiting for your response for more tips.

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