How to send colorful Message in Facebook chat

Facebook – a way of popular internet communication is considered as the main part of net lover’s life, every one wants something new in Facebook chat. I will introduce an interesting trick of how to send a colorful message in Facebook chat in today’s post.

It was the time when Facebook users see black text in their chat, but now the time has come when you will find some special codes, by using them you can make your chat beautiful and attractive. This trick is solely based on the fact that when profile IDs are inserted in between square brackets, it automatically transforms into the profile picture. These ID’s are specially created for this purpose.

You can also send messages in the colorful text but these codes will not work in Status update. This will also not work if the other person is using chat from his mobile.
facebook chat

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List Of Facebook chat Codes:

Here is the list of Facebook chat codes with their alphabets.

[[107015582669715]] = A

[[116067591741123]] = B

[[115602405121532]] = C

[[112542438763744]] = D

[[115430438474268]] = E

[[109225112442557]] = F

[[111532845537326]] = G

[[111356865552629]] = H

[[109294689102123]] = I

[[126362660720793]] = J

[[116651741681944]] = K

[[115807951764667]] = L

[[106596672714242]] = M

[[108634132504932]] = N

[[116564658357124]] = O

[[111669128857397]] = P

[[107061805996548]] = Q

[[106699962703083]] = R

[[115927268419031]] = S

[[112669162092780]] = T

[[108983579135532]] = U

[[107023745999320]] = V

[[106678406038354]] = W

[[116740548336581]] = X

[[112416755444217]] = Y

[[165724910215]]    = Z

How To Use Codes in Facebook Chat:

To create a word of colorful text copy the codes of alphabets and make sure to insert a single space between each alphabetic code. Here is the code for the word Facebook, use the following codes:

[[109225112442557]] [[107015582669715]] [[115602405121532]] [[115430438474268]] [[116067591741123]] [[116564658357124]] [[116564658357124]] [[116651741681944]]

hopely you will make your Facebook chat will be colorful next time

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