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How to Operate Gmail account using Keyboard Shortcuts

In today’s post of How to Operate Gmail account using Keyboard Shortcuts, I am going to tell you to operate your Gmail account using keyboard shortcut means now you can use the keyboard instead of the mouse to navigate through the web.this will saves many seconds of your PC keyboard shortcuts

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Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts:

Many computer applications help you to create your own custom shortcuts keys to enjoying, even more, flexibility. Here is the list


shortcut keys Action

 Reply to all email recipients

 Ctrl+c  Use to save current email as draft

 Z Press z key to undo any previous action

 ? Display the keyboard shortcut keys help

 c Press c button to compose a new email message

 / Press/button to move your cursor in search box

 u Press u key to refresh your email account to view                                             the latest email

 ! Press ! key to mark an email message as spam

 p Press p key to move the cursor to the previous message

 . Press . key to display more options

 Esc Escape cursor from any current field.

f Press simple f help you to forward to next email                                                message

 Shift+I Use to mark email message as reading

 Shift+u  Use to mark email message as unread

 r  Reply to the sender of the mail

Hope so the above keyboard shortcuts will help you to operate a computer more fastly.

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