Easy Ways to check backlinks of your website-blog

Want to know the easy ways to check backlinks of your website/blog, if no then don’t worry I am here to guide you the ways of checking backlinks.

In my previous post, have already discussed the importance of backlinks to generate traffic and ways to create the backlinks. including search engine optimization (SEO)

Easy Ways to check backlinks of your website blog.

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There is a different method of counting backlinks of different services and tools so it’s quite possible that one tool show you numbers of backlinks and other tools shows different numbers of backlinks. So don’t confuse, keep doing your good work, and improve SEO and page rank.

so here are the famous ways to check the backlinks of your website.

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1.Google Analytics: Google analytic is the most powerful and SEO-friendly way to check the backlinks of your website. It is able to provide you with a list of not only the backlinks to the site but also those best performing backlinks. So next time when you visit the site you will see such sources to find backlinks from places you did not even know existed.

1 . Use filters (excludes/contains keyword) to find interesting sources.
2. check which backlink gives you more traffic and why.
3. you can also invest time to improve such fields of area those gives you a lot of traffic.

2.ahrefs: This site has power features of finding backlinks including total backlinks, backlinks type(text,nofollow, image, frame form, etc) this will also show you which backlinks you have lost and which one is new with URLs.

3. Bluebacklinks:- Bluebacklinks is also a good website to check your website backlinks.

4. Webmaster-toolkit: – Webmaster-toolkit is a free Link Popularity Checker Tool and its shows the Number of Links in different search engines of your website.

5.MajesticSEOMajestic SEO has by far the largest index of its kind publicly available. It has by far the freshest data of its kind with an index


6.SEOMoz: a wonderful collection to check backlinks, SEO, and much more other useful content.

7.BacklinkWatch; another online free tool to check backlinks.

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  1. I thought alexa was the only way of checking the backlinks and it was not showing my site. I checked the rest of them and they showed. Can you help me with how to increase traffic for my blog?


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