Enable Right Click On Disabled Websites or Blogs in Firefox

Hy friends while roaming through the internet, because this we come across such websites or blogs whose right click mouse option is disabled by the webmasters due to some security reason. so what to do……

Need because this is possible to enable right click on disabled websites or blogs in Firefox now.

Enable Right Click On Disabled Websites or Blogs in Firefox:

In order to enable the right-click option on the websites or blogs, just follow the steps given below.

STEP 1:First of all install the web Developer add-on using Mozilla Firefox.

enable right click

STEP 2: Now go to the toolbar and see the Disable icon (usually on the right side)

STEP 3: Next Go To Disable Then Disable Java Script And Then Choose All Java Script.
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That’s all, you have done, now you can view such dynamic HTML pages on which the right-click option is disabled.

Hopely the above stated little trick will really help you.

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