Increase Google Page Rank With This Simple Tip

Google Page Rank Plays a vital role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO )and organic traffic of a blog. I am going to share a simple tip to increase Google Page Rank today.

As we know that Google Page Rank shows the popularity of a blog.The higher the Rank The more its popularity. If you have installed Google Toolbar on your browser then you can easily check Your blog PR.

Let’s come to the topic and have a simple way to increase Google Page Rank.

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While making websites or even web pages we usually use a language like  HTML.but we do not take much effort to validate its code. That may bring a major reason for low Rank.
So after making websites even now one can validate the HTML code of one’s website.

Increase Google Page Rank With These Simple Steps:

  • Go to W3 Markup Validation Service and check the HTML code of your website or blog.
  • Try to remove all the errors, warnings that appeared.
  • that’s all you have done

so when you validate the code of your website then Google bot will read your page completely and thoroughly and as a result, your Google Page Rank will increase.

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