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Android 4.1 Jelly bean – New Trend In Smartphones

Android 4.1 Jelly bean is the new android base OS introduced by Google. It is the fastest and smoother version of android ever yet and will set new trend in Smartphones, why because it based on some of the latest features and improved system performance. It will be pre installed in the next android Smartphones while the old and running models will take it in few days.

What is special in android 4.1 Jelly bean for smartphones:

More Smooth and Responsive

Android 4.1 Jelly bean is the smartest ever iOS by Google, that is more smooth in operation and response,That’s why the teamandroid jelly bean for smartphones called it their Project Butter. So let’s see why it is so smooth in operation, for example, whenever the user touches the screen, the system will try and predict where the user will tap next, pre-loading the required animation or application. It has also handy performance while the screen not in operation by the user the Jelly bean reduces the CPU voltage, results in the faster performance of the Smartphone.

Google Now

Google Now is the new enhanced audio feature. It is actually  a sort of unifying service that takes everything the Smartphone knows about the user, and everything the user’s previously wanted to know, and combines it to keep everything on track automatically. So, when you bring up Google Now by swiping up on the home screen, you’ll see a list of various cards. These cards know what your day looks like, as Google Now pays attention to your usual route to work (and how long it takes to get there), the sports teams you like, your calendar, travel plans, and nearby places you might want to eat. Basically, Google Now figures out the user based on search history, and give everything a Smartphone owner would normally get out of their device to stay productive, only Android now does it automatically.

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Smart notifications

Notifications are the essential part of android based Smartphones.The Previous versions usually display the notification in the form of icon with few text lines, but now with the new Jelly bean one can see the notification icon along with its detail, removing the need of any application to read email of notification fully. It is now possible to take action within the notification shade, you can respond to messages, as well as view photos and events, all without ever leaving the home screen.


Along with the voice quality the keyboard still remains one of the most important features on a Smartphone. The new Jelly Bean keyboard lets you get started by typing a word or two, and then based on what you’ve said; Android makes a few educated guesses on what your next word will be and offers them up as options before you’ve even started typing the next few words. Google has shrunk down the voice transcription software to fit inside the device itself, rather than over the network connection. This means that users can type with their voice whether they have service or not.

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