Top 5 Ways To Reduce Blog Loading Time

Top 5 Ways To Reduce Blog Loading Time

While browsing we come across many blogs and pages daily, an average we prefer such website or blogs whose loading time is less than the what happened when we have to visit such pages we usually skip and go for another one. So what we need a fast loading page.

There are many factors behind the fast page loading, I will show you some tips to reduce blog loading time so that you might get a handsome organic traffic and may increase Google Page Rank.


How to reduce Blog Page Loading Time

Top 5 Ways To Reduce Blog Loading Time in WordPress:

Many tips and ways are available on the net to guide for fast page loading, I have the following Tips that may help a lot to reduce blog loading time and hence enhance the performance.

Before starting you need to know about the loading time of your website or blog pages.There are three ways that I have chosen for you

  1. Page Speed
  2. Web Page Test
  3. Pingdom

so you have checked the page loading time of your website or blog, now it is time to cut down the time.The followings are the top 5 ways to reduce blog loading time.

1 – Choose The Best Web Hosting Company

The first thing that is important in the reduction of page loading time is the selection of the best web hosting company, there is much hosting company available in the market, and it is necessary to choose such company which has lesser broken links and with greater bandwidth.You may have to spend some extra money for this but do not worry it is your investment for better blogging.

2 – Optimize HTML Code

Make a detail check at the HTML code of your blog and make sure that it should not have broken links, errors or warnings.All you need is to minimize these lacks so that it would not affect the loading time.Also, try to remove the extra white spaces in the HTML or PHP coding.

Always Scan your whole site for malicious code timely.

3 – Review Your Plugins

Since a WordPress blogger is always on the try to promote and enhance its blog, for this he may use many plugins.But one thing that he should now that plugins increase the blog loading.So all you need is to deactivate and also uninstall these unwanted plugins.

4 – Optimize Blog Images

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, and everyone wants to add images and pictures to beautify its blog and enhance the posting.So what happened when one uses a lot of images or pictures then the loading time will increase and hence traffic all you need is to reduce number of images and also use the images in gif format and try to avoid jpeg or png formats.

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5 – Use Some WordPress Cache Plugin:

In order to reduce the blog loading time, it is recommended to use some cache plugins like w3 total cache or WP Super Cache.

Because the above-mentioned plugins will cache the static files for the users it will reduce the load on the web hosting server, as a result, the page loading time will decrease.

6 – Use Some Reliable Content Delivery Network (CDN):

Content Delivery Network has become the necessity to load web page faster. It will cache the website static files to the worldwide CDN data storage centers. When a user wants to access it from anywhere in the world, CDN will give access to the user from its nearby data center, that will decrease the load on web hosting server and as a result, it will reduce blog page loading time.


so at the end, you will reduce blog loading time surely by 50%.

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