The Best Places To Use Keywords In Your Blog

Keywords are the keystones of every blog, and a blogger must keep in his mind about its importance. But the question is where to use these keywords in the blog, or what are the Best Places to use these keywords for better SEO.

Although there are many places where a blogger can use them I have collected such Places that may bring your web page to get a high Google Page Rank by bringing a lot of organic traffic to it.

One thing that I have kept in mind while selecting places that the keywords should be placed such that to enhance the website useability.If you are confused that how to get keywords to read the article How to get Targeted Keywords for better SEO

The Best Places To Use Keywords In Your Blog:

The following are the places to use keywords

In Your Header File

The header file is the most important file of a blog because it includes such info that is the influence of your blog and the search engines go through your header file to track your website.

1-Title Tags: Title tags are the first and most important place where Robots and Spiders of search engines scan your website and it is the actual thing that will appear in the search results. These are also the thing that visitors see while they visit your website. It is found at the top title bar of your website or webpage.

So use your Primary Keywords wisely in this place, so visitors and search engines can know well about your blog topic. Usually these are found in between <title> and <title/> e.g <title> technotrait – blog about technology news and latest emerging social media<title/>

2- Meta Description Tags:  This is the second important place where you should use your keywords, although that part is only for search engines rather than for the visitors and one can see the page source to view these tags.

When writing your META description tag, it’s extremely important to be as concise as possible. The search engines generally only look at the first 150 characters of the description tag, so you only have a limited window in which to get your keywords in. Some search engines only use a part of it before taking some content from elsewhere on the page, so it’s even more important that you incorporate your keywords right up front in your description.

3- Meta Keywords Tags: the use of Meta keywords tags in your header file is debatable now because many search engines give secondary importance to it and emphasis the keywords of your post or article. But there are still some search engines that are fully dependent on these tags.

In Your Content

This is the part of a post or article that a reader can see just as you can see that part, it is the content part of a website or a blog.

4 – Headers and Sub-headers: Headers and subheaders (May called Title and subtitle) are the part that is usually bold and prominent and that may appear in the search results of your blog. So while writing the Header or subheaders, use the keywords wisely in these places, and try to keep it clear concise, and SEO friendly.

5 – Page Content: This is one of the descriptive parts of your web page because it carries all the info about the topic or the article under study. So it is most important to use Primary as well as secondary keywords in this area. But one thing that you must keep in mind is the keywords Density it should be in the range of 3% -5 % and also you should not use more than one primary keyword in your content. For this keyword, Density checker is the best tool to check the keyword density of a specific keyword or phrase.
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Remember one thing that you want to be careful not to overdo. You’re not trying to sell your product to search engines; you’re trying to sell it to people, and if your content reads horribly, it can make a bad impression and most likely decrease the chance of making a conversion.

6 – Link Text: In order to get SEO friendly search one should use keywords in your link text, in this regard link text is also found in the form of anchor text. As we know that anchor text is the type of link text that may lead to explain some info internally or externally of the topic.

So while taking link text into consideration keywords of relevant text should be included in the Post or article. Because the use of specific keywords in your link text helps them estimate how relevant that link is. It also helps build the relevancy of a particular page to a particular keyword phrase.

7 – ALT and Title Attribute For The Image:  when talking about the images in the post, somehow or other we only see the image and not its title, the case with the search engines is different, they also cannot judge the image, so the contribution of image for the post become only for a visitor not for the search engines. Then what should we do now…? We should incorporate keywords while choosing the proper title of the image using the ALT attribute as you can see in this post. The thing that one should keep in his mind that does not to use the image name as image.jpg or something else like this, use such a name that has proper keywords in its name and also relevant to the post.
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hopely the above-stated topic will enhance your SEO score and page rank.

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