How To See Your Password Hidden Under Asterisks

While using email services in the browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, our password is usually hidden under asterisks and there is a little chance to see that one. But in today’s post, I’ll explain a simple trick to reveal your password hidden under asterisks.

We all know that web browser usually hides the characters of the password under asterisks in order to enhance user security. This is a good thing done by the browsers. But often we check the box of remember me or stay signed in, in that case, we do not care about the password, and it may be a chance we forget the password.

So, we are helpless and we have to do a lot of effort to recall the password or go through the security steps….. a lot of time-consuming. But you need not worry because I am here to help you.

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Reveal The Hidden Password Under Asterisks:

Suppose you are using the Gmail service and you want to reveal the password under asterisks then just follow the steps.

Step 1: Select the password under asterisks

Step 2:  Right-click there to choose the field “Inspect Element”. This will open the document inspector windows.

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Step 3:  Look for the input type field text and double click there to replace the word password.

how to view password under asteric 1

Step 4:  all you have done, now you can see the password instead of asterisks in the password windows.

how to view password under asterik 2

The above snaps are created in opera but it is equally tested and verified in other browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

It is strongly recommended not to save your password of email service or any other social media sites to avoid any security issues.

Hopely the above trick surely help you.

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