Magic Finger Can Turns any surface Into Touch Interface

The Autodesk Research develop  a device known as “Magic Finger” that can turns any surface to detect touch input by shifting the touch technology from the surface to the wearer’s finger.

The Magic Finger, developed by, the University of Alberta and the University of Toronto, is a small micro camera and optical flow sensor that attaches to your finger. The device can distinguish between surfaces like a desk, a piece of paper or even skin, can recognize 2D data matrix codes, and also features a pinch function that can be programmed to trigger computer commands. In addition to input and control functions, the device can also be used for data transfers between Magic Finger units.
magic finger


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How Magic Finger Can Turns any Surface into Touch Interface:

On the ring there are a pair of optical sensors. One is a low resolution, high-speed sensor for tracking movement, which wouldn’t be very impressive because it makes the device just a mouse you strap to your finger. However, Magic Finger adds a new dimension with a high-resolution camera, which is able to detect 32 different surface textures with 98 percent accuracy. This allows Magic Finger to recognize what it touches, such as leather bag or a table or a magazine page, and with this information turn various surfaces into interfaces for devices or a way of passing information.

Practical Application Of Magic Finger

Magic Finger can be used in a number of ways depending upon the device.

  • Magic Finger can be used to remotely access or control mobile devices especially smartphones.
  • Tap on the bag to mute a Skype call
  • Tap on the smartphone to send a frequent SMS message.
  • Using the logo of a t-shirt as a mode delimiter.
  • Tap the wrist to check an upcoming appointment.
  • Pinch gesture.
  • Data Matrix Buttons
  • Occlusion Free Input
  • Sticker as disposable remote controls.
  • Passing texture to another Magic Finger.
  • Use Magic Finger as a periscope to check out traffic.

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The Autodesk team hopes one day to make the Magic Finger into a self-contained device with appropriate miniaturization. Once reduced in size, the device might be attached to a ring or embedded under a fingernail or in the fingertip itself so that it is invisible and dormant until required.

Source: gizmag & dvice

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