Google Plus (Google+) Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Plus (Google+) Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts is the best and fast way to go through the contents,especially when talking about Google Plus then there should be some source of keys that help one to catch the text with one keystroke. Let’s talk about these keyboard shortcuts in today’s post. I already posted Facebook keyboard shortcuts  and also windows 8 hot keys but still there is a roam for shortcuts keys for Google +.

Google Plus Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Plus (Google+) Keyboard Shortcuts:

Following is the list of most popular keyboard shortcuts used widely among Google Plus users.

  • / (slash): Pressing slash will take you straight to the search box. And all you have to do is start typing your search keys.
  • J: Move to the next post in your stream
  • Enter: This opens a post’s comment box. When you are going through a post, pressing enter will allow you to comment on the post.
  • K: Move to the previous post in the news stream
  • Q: This takes you directly to the Google chat box
  • Space Bar: Press the space bar to scroll down the stream
  • Shift + Space: This combination takes you up the news stream
  • Tab + Enter: Once done with writing the comment, submit the comment on a post
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Hoply you will find an ease to move through Google + next time.

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