How to Convert a Webpage to PDF Format in One Minute

We all know that Web pages are displayed with the help of browsers, the most popular ones being Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera (on Windows-based systems). While the majority of browsers give you the option to save the web page you’re visiting, because of the format that is being saved in, it is sometimes difficult to send the web page for someone else to review or even store it on your computer for future reference.

This is where converting a web page to a PDF file might prove handy and in today’s short article I will show you some simple online methods to convert a webpage to PDF format and it would not take more than one minute. You need not install any free or paid software but just with some clicks, it will be on your computer.
convert a webpage to PDF format

Why we need to convert a webpage to PDF format:

We often noticed that some of the webmasters have disabled right-click at their webpages and if we want to copy the content of that page then we are helpless at that time. You need not worry because I have already posted an article on Enable Right Click On Disabled Websites or Blogs in Firefox but even then you can not obtain the PDF format of that webpage. Also some times we come across some pages that demand some handsome money to download the file in PDF format. But today you will get the skill to download the pages from such websites without spending a single penny.

How to Convert a Webpage to PDF Format in One Minute:

The magic of conversion is hidden under two online links, you can use any of them to convert an HTML or any other file to PDF format easily.

  • click this webpage
  • Type or copy and paste the URL of any website or even webpage to which you want to convert to PDF format.

convert webpage to PDF


  • Click Convert To PDF button and wait, during that the website will prepare to convert to PDF.
  • Click to download your PDF file.

convert webpage to PDF in one minute

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