save your Gmail messages in Google Docs

How to save your Gmail Messages in Google Docs

Like to  monitor your website with SMS alert when your website is down It is also very easy to save your Gmail Messages in Google Docs and then edit it like another computer program.

The other case is that once a Gmail is inside your Google Docs account, you can easily convert that e-mail into a PDF file or to a Word document while keeping the original format and there is no need for an externalsave your Gmail messages in Google Docs PDF converter.

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How to save your Gmail Messages in Google Docs:

The steps given below will help to save your messages;

  1. Log in to your Gmail account and go the Labs tab
  2. Now search in Lab by typing Create a Document.
  3. Enable Create a Document by clicking the radio button and then save the changes.
  4. Now go back to Gmail inbox and click simply anyone your existing email.
  5. You will see a “Create a Document” link under More box, just click it.
  6. This will export the current message as a new document in Google Docs – the rich text formatting is preserved but if the message includes any file attachments, it will ignore them.

One Important Tip: Android application gives android users full access to your documents offline which means that once you save your important Gmail emails in Google Docs, it can be accessed on your phone without a data connection, which means you can access them in offline mode also.

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I hope so you have got the knowledge to store Gmail Messages in Google Docs.

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