5 Tips to Write The SEO Friendly Blog Post Title

Writing SEO friendly blog post title is the key to a successful blog post, this is the most important part of a blog post because it will not only give the introductory look to the readers and the visitors but also a great source of traffic towards your blog.

In today’s post, I will try to elaborate on the tacts to write an effective blog post title. That will not only increase blog traffic but also make a change in your Google page Rank by making your post title SEO friendly.

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5 Tips to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post Title

1-Consider The length of Post Title:

Most of the bloggers usually ignore this thing and often could not rank well their blog post in Google andwrite seo friendly post title other search engines listing, it is just the length of your title, Most of the search engines including Google will only Consider the first 70 characters of the title, it means if you write more then the limit then that portion will be eaten by the search engines.

So try to give the title a suitable length, that can describe your blog post effectively.

2-Write an Eye-Catching Title:

As we have read or may common to say that  “the first impression is the last impression”, the same thing will be for your post title, if you write an eye-catching post title then the visitors will do take a look at this and will surely try to go through its description, and that is your prime objective.

3-Use of Effective keywords:

keywords are the search engines friendly source of entry in your blog, so better and effective keywords will give your post title a great strength to make your blog post-search-friendly.

There are a lot of tools available online to search for better keywords for your blog post title, the most effective and free tool is Google Adwords, this will give you an opportunity to have the most searchable keywords.

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4-Avoid Stop Words and  Write For Search Engines:

Suppose you write a title riched with keywords, it is precise and up to the length, but what happened when even then the search engines will not consider or index your post, so what will you do…?

You need not worry just make one thing clear and that is the unwanted words, that you have included in your title, these may be known as STOP WORDS, as by name these are the words that stop your post to be searched by the search engines.

So what should do install Keyword Density Plugin and have a look at the stop words or you may search for the list and consider it every time so that you may get a full SEO-optimized post title?

For example, look at the title that I have used, the common readers will see “5 tips to Write The  SEO Friendly Blog Post Title”, but the search engines will consider the words written in the search bar, you can see that I have just ignored the words” The” because the and to are two stop words and I have just ignored the and consider to in order to make title meaningful.

5-Ask a Question:

commonly the people when searching for something then they mainly use How To, What is, and other questionable words.

So being a successful blogger you must know the trends and minds of readers, so make your title questionable and let your readers go through the post.

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