How to increase Alexa Traffic Rank of your website quickly

How to increase Alexa Traffic Rank of your website quickly

Alexa is the most common and popular way to check the website or blog popularity among the internet world.There are many ways to increase your traffic and alternatively Alexa Traffic Rank.

Here you will get all the proven ways that i have used and frankly speaking to lower Alexa traffic rank by 500000 just in few weeks,it is also amazing fact for me and hopely you too will get Increase alexa rank quicklythis,just keep on reading.

Why to Consider Alexa Traffic Rank:

The first thing is why every one emphasize to lower Alexa traffic rank of high website or blog. The answer is as simple as the question, being a blogger we come across so many sites in a day, the most popular is the site the most visitors it have and the higher its Google Page Rank.

Moreover advertisers consider Alexa rank to determine the quality score of a website.  It doesn’t mean a website having a good Alexa rank is getting more visitors.I t simply a tool that determines your website traffic stats. So why I recommends to consider its importance.

How Alexa Traffic Rank Works: according to Wikipedia Alexa Internet, Inc. is a California-based subsidiary company of that is known for its toolbar and website. Once installed, the toolbar collects data on browsing behavior which is transmitted to the website where it is stored and analyzed and is the basis for the company’s web traffic reporting. So alexa measures your blog traffic rankings by its toolbar and popularity among the others blogs.

7 Ways to Increase Alexa Traffic Rank of Your Website:

Here are the number of ways that i have use din order to increase Alexa traffic rank.

1-Install Alexa Toolbar: Alexa has an algorithm to measure your blog traffic and for this it has a toolbar for your browser. So whenever you browse your blog then alexa tracks it using alexa toolbar and eventually will give a plus to your blog. So why waiting just install alexa toolbar (for free for your browser on your computer), and encourage others too because alexa will tracks only the visits with its toolbar.

2-Use Alexa Widgets: Alexa has many amazing widgets(like traffic rank,review,buttons) not only to encourage your visitors but also help a lot to alexa,because alexa loves to promote its contents and eventually it will promote your ranking too. So have alexa widgets now. so whenever a visitor clicks at your blog widget to get one for its blog then alexa will consider it as a plus for your blog.

3- Encourage to write a Review: It is a fact that a single blog review can improve your rankings by thousands. So encourage your visitors to write a blog review on the alexa website. You can use their review widget at your blog.

4 – Claim Your Site Listing:To check your alexa ranking form their website is not enough,in order to get the full benefits you have to join their website and claim your site listing, after that you can  also access their  pro options like Certified Site Metrics,Enhanced Site Listing, Site Comparisons and many more.

5 – update Your Website Contents: Since alexa loves the fresh contents to feel free to update your website or blog contents regularly to have more page views and have high rankings.

Make Comments On other Niche Blogs: This method is also valid both in alexa and SEO rankings. So have comments on other blogs but keeps yourself safe from Panda update by avoiding spam commenting.

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7 –Write about Alexa: Alexa loves to write about it,because it will promote them and alternatively they will promote your blog, so write about them and have links directing to their website.

These are the seven ways to promote your Alexa traffic rank. If you know some other method to improve alexa ranking then do comments.

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