4 Effective Ways to Reduce Blog bounce Rate

Want to know the effective ways to reduce blog bounce rate? It is the most common question and important for the survivor for any blog.

Being a blogger I also much worried about the bounce rate of my blog too so that’s why I am come up today with all possible effective ways or tacts that I have used or observe to reduce bounce rate.

Before proceeding to know about the bounce rate and the importance to lower down it let’s see what is bounce rate and why it is so important that every pro blogger emphasize to take notice of it.reduce bounce rate of blog

What is Bounce Rate: According to Wikipedia

  Bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and “bounce” (leave the site) rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site.”

in simple words, a bounce rate tells us the number of visitors who enter your site (by getting traffic from search engines, social media, paid advertisement, or another way), visit only that page, and leave your blog without visiting any other page or blog post.

Usually, the bounce rate varies due to different blog nature or niche.

Generally, it should be less than 50%, some of the bloggers consider it to the 40 to 60% but according to a common vision, it should be as much less as you can.

Why Bounce Rate is Important:

Since the bounce rate measures the quality of your blog from the readers’ point of view.

The more compelling your pages, the longer visitors will stay on your site so one can conclude the importance of bounce rate, what will you feel when you spent a lot of time in SEO, keyword Research, SMO, and even more critical when a paid advertisement with a costly web hosting is in front of you.

That’s why the bounce rate can not be neglected.

How to Reduce Blog Bounce Rate:

so it seems to prove that the high bounce rate is the enemy of your blog, especially when you select blogging as a carrier.

So let’s see how to reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

1-Engage Your Readers: Suppose your blog is a shop and you have goods to sell, so what happened when a customer(visitor) enters it he should have many opportunities to busy as long as he stays there.

From the blogger’s point of view, you must have some interesting and useful information for your visitors. Your content should have an attractive SEO friendly title So that they can stay there. This will force them to see other info also.

So keep focusing on the quality of content, not on quantity.

2- Blog loading Time: when a person goes through one page through search and suppose you have quality contents but the blog takes too much time as the one could take so he will tend to leave it without seeing any other info and cause an increase in bounce rate. So you should take care of the loading time of your blog.

A good web hosting company will also help to reduce blog loading time.

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3- Use of Anchor text: anchor text, in short, may also be considered as inbound links, the more anchor text the more chances for your readers to stay at your blog.

You can also use some useful plugins to display related posts, inbound links, post thumbnails, and popular posts. You can also use the links to other related posts.

Read more about anchor text: Anchor Text-a way of SEO

4-Blog Layout: your first impression upon your readers is the blog layout.

Your blog should have attractive layouts that force visitors to stay on the page. You can use the thesis theme or some paid theme also.

The second thing is the position of third-party things including advertisement also because too many advertisements, wrong placement of the advertisement, or accidental clicks may force to leave the page.


After taking into the notice of the above lines to reduce blog bounce rate there is one sentence that will clearly point towards the theme of your Bounce rate is

” Keep Your Readers Busy and Give them Quality Content”

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  1. Great post Rafaqat, less bounce rate shows how good the users like the related content, bounce rate can be reduced with minor tweaks in the theme and layout and showcasing more related content near the page. And also rest of your points help reduce bounce rate.


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