Use NFC Smartphone to Control Your Hyundai Car

Have you ever think to control your Hyundai car with NFC Smartphone,if  not then just try to connect your nfc smartphone and through your keys in ditch.But who has claimed…nothing other then Hyundai company,and the company wants drivers to forget all about the metal set of keys they’ve been lugging around for years; in the future you’ll need only an NFC smartphone to control your car. Hyundai sampled the technology earlier this week on its New Generation i30, though it wouldn’t offer up pricing details or confirm which vehicle models will ultimately be receiving the package.

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hyundai nfc smartphone

It will be more sophisticated than the previous technology revealed by Lockitron to  unlock your door with your smartphone.

How NFC Smartphone control Hyundai Car:

The company claimed that Through NFC, each vehicle will be able to save custom user “profiles” based on the specific smartphone being used. So the car could theoretically set your mirror positions, seat inclination, and preferred stereo volume before you even strap on a seat belt. Much like Toyota’s Qi approach, a built-in inductive charging plate would provide power to compatible devices on the move, with the car’s touchscreen displaying your contacts, music library, and other personal data.

Although there are a number of ways to use NFC for mobile payment,data transfer,as a QR code,just in security and much more …..hope so the time will come when the technology will be limited to a handy smartphone and life will become much easier and fast.

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  1. Whoever said the world is going to stop spinning ought to be joking. As far as the world continues to spin, technology is still going to evolve. WOW!


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