How to recover your blog from Google Panda update Penalty

Google Panda update is one of the hot issues for bloggers and especially for those who are affected by this update and worried to find tips for recovery from it. Also if they have invested a lot in SEO and other tacts to increase blog traffic but still Google takes notice and penalized their website or blog.

So stop worrying now and keep an eye on the tips to recover your blog from Google Panda Update in the following lines.

What are Google Panda and Penguin:

Before proceeding let me clear one thing about which many of us may not have enough knowledge what is Google Panda and Penguin..? Google Panda is a change to Google’s search results ranking algorithm that was first released in February 2011. The change aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” or “thin sites”, and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results.
Google Panda and Penguin
While Google Penguin is a code name for a Google algorithm update that was first announced on April 24, 2012. The update aims to decrease search engine rankings of websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Actually, it is good news both for search engines and passionate bloggers and is a threat to poor bloggers.

Whether Your Blog is Affected By Google Panda Update:

After the algorithm is launched it is very important for bloggers to know whether Google Panda Update affect their blog or not…There are some signs and some logical evidence. First, see whether you noticed

  • drop in Google Page Rank
  • Drop in website traffic especially organic traffic
  • increase in bounce rate

if your answer is yes then you are not alone and you should do some strategic steps to regain them. you can also search in Google search and see if the indexed pages/posts are equal to that you have published/posted, if yes then you are safe if not then Google must have removed all low-quality pages from indexing. Also, check your Google Analytics report and see the rate of traffic.

How To Recover From Google Panda Update Penalty:

Here are the important steps in order to recover from Google Panda Update Penalty

Use Quality Contents:

Content is king and of course search engines especially Google the genius to check the quality of content, articles

  • always try to write some unique and attractive content.
  • try to add fresh content over time.
  • focus on quality and not on quantity.
  • Remove or update all the poor content because some articles may face your panda.
  • Try to use Keywords effectively and keep an eye on keyword density.
  • Remove the duplicate content.
  • try to write content with 600 plus words.
  • Remove the copied contents and improve them.

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Avoid Black Hat SEO:

Since Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of getting traffic and promoting a blog, but over SEO and using the wrong methods of SEO may be called black hat SEO is prohibited. A passionate blogger should focus on white hat SEO and try to promote on-the-page and off-page SEO in the proper way, do not hire any company or use any software because it will harm your SEO score and alternatively you will lose your position in search rankings.

So try to learn SEO and promote your content in the proper way.

Reduce Bounce rate:

Since bounce rate is the enemy of a blog so try to reduce the bounce rate because it will let the visitors slip from your blog and alternatively your blog will lose the attention of readers. It is also worth mentioning here that not only such websites will be penalized but their domain may also be too. So always try to reduce the bounce rate.

Avoid Too Many Ads:

Ads are seems to be an important source of earnings. But what happened when you got some traffic and in order to get “Some Good cash” you filled all spaces with ads….it is wrong and try to minimize them, because search engine’s spiders will soon notice it and the result will be very bad.

Minimize The Broken Links:

Broken links are usually 404 links so try to find out the reasons for these links and minimize them so that whenever a spider or bot tracks your blog the result will be a good reflection.

Create a Sitemap:

Since sitemaps are the source to inform the robots and spiders about your content and pages so have a sitemap of your blog. why you need it is because whenever you update the blog the crawler will automatically notice it and your contents will be indexed properly.

Be Social:

You need traffic and social websites are great sources of it so join them and update them with your quality content also encourage the readers to visit the blog. answer their question as soon as possible and try to solve the query. Join famous seo forums and fetch a lot of traffic.

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Avoid Unnecessary Pages:

have a look at the performance of your blog pages and see if they are unnecessary, remove them also see if some of them are of low quality then try to improve them and keep your blog slim with less number of pages but should be healthy with quality content.

If we follow the above points hope we may not have to face Panda and if some on has faced then he will recover from it. Share how you recover from Google Panda.

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  2. Hi Rafaqat, you have outlined very important insights for recovering from panda penalty.

    Recently my photo blog got hit by this update, what eating me is my competitors blog is good and going while mine was in vein. The only reason it got hit is; it has very thin to zero content. Perhaps I have to modify posts to attain previous results.


  3. So sir please give me some more tips to rise this site. I want to rise this site bcz its my first site and again i want to make it on top level. Should i write 600+ word quality article or do something else

    • Dear in order to convert your visitors to readers you should provide them quality and content with some more search on the mentioned topic and compare your blog with other famous blogs.hopely you will get your position back soon.

  4. Hello Blogger,
    Thanks for these tips
    Will you please tell me some more tips for my blog As my site was very bad hit by this Panda Update.

  5. Would rather be a Panda than a Penguin – looks a whole lot easier to come back from. That being said I would rather not be hit by any of them although at the rate the big G is knocking them out now i doubt many sites will escape unscathed at all. Thanks for these excellent updates.

  6. Great tips thanks for this – some of our sites have been hit to a small degree by this new 2013 update and this post is reassuring as we pretty much escaped unscathed to previous updates. Will be adding in more good quality content for sure in the coming days


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