5 Most Wanted VoIP Apps for iPhone 5

5 Most Wanted VoIP Apps for iPhone 5

One of the best things about owning the iPhone 5 is the ability to use VoIP apps. VoIP apps are a great way to make cheap phone calls to cut down on your cell phone bill.Although Google Chrome app for the i devices and Facebook Page Manager but the voip apps are the best of all because they will bring ease in our life to connect the world remotely over voip.

VoIP or voice over Internet protocol is a means of communicating with other people through your Internet provider. It is favorable to many because it allows you to engage in phone calls and video calls for free or at an extremely lower cost than if you rely on your wireless or land line provider.


5 Most Wanted VoIP Apps for iPhone 5 :

Since after the launch of iPhone 5 there are numerous VoIP apps,but  these are the 5 of the best that are currently available to download VoIP on  iPhone 5.voip apps for iPhone 5


The iCall app is easily one of the most technologically advanced VoIP apps for iPhone 5, and it can be downloaded on your phone for free. The app allows all of its users to make free calls to anyone living in the United States or Canada. If you are using the free version of the app, then you will have to watch a short advertisement before you are able to make your phone call. International calls are also available for a small fee.

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If you are looking for a completely free VoIP app for your iPhone 5, then Viber has to be your choice. Viber does not require any of its users to create an account, so you can instantly start making phone calls once the app is downloaded on your phone. Viber allows you to make a phone call to anybody in the world using your original number.


Skype may not be the best VoIP app available, but it is currently the most popular VoIP service in the world. Skype allows you to make video calls to any other Skype users in the world. Skype now even lets you instant message any of your friends that are online. The free version of the service is filled with advertisements which may cause an unpleasant experience for some people, but it still provides a fantastic service.

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If you are looking for a most wanted VoIP experience without worrying about cost, then you must download Truphone on your iPhone 5 today. Truphone is the most advanced VoIP service currently available, but it will cost you $13 each month. Free calls to 38 differently countries are included in the monthly subscription. If you know a lot of people living overseas, then this option will make the subscription fee well worth the price. Truphone will also let you talk to anyone using Skype and Google Talk through the app.


Fring should probably be the VoIP app of choice for anyone that has a lot of friends using Android phones. Fring is one of the few VoIP apps that will allow you to call any users no matter what phone they are using. The free video calls on Fring will rival any experience that you get using Skype. Text messaging to any Fring user is also available for free, which is another great way to reduce your phone bill.

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